This tutorial doesn’t include any kind of a keyword research what so ever or how to make videos. We are just going to talk about ranking factors here.

To create an argument, we will be pretending that we want to rank a video with keyword “Free iPhone gift card”

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Step 1: Spying the (competition):

YouTube Ranking Guide 2015


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Type any particular keyword & see, which video is at the top spot. After checking its length, make sure that you should also make a video of that length.

Then visit www .socialblade .com. Its totally free to use and you will need to write down the name of channel of that top ranked video.

Find videos from those channels that have got so many comments on it and check the style of how it has been made. By doing that, you will get an idea on what sort of video you should make for that particular niche.

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Step 2- Name the file:

Name the file by using your keyword, for example, Free-iPhone-giftcard.mp4.

Its not sure that whether the name of your file will help your video to get ranked or not, but anyways, its not harmful by any means.

Step 3- Using Tags

YouTube Ranking Guide 2015

Well! using tags won’t help you to rank your videos, instead, they help to find related videos to the users. You can make use of long tail keywords like, “where to find iPhone gift card”

Keywordtool .io is an awesome free tool to identify tags that you should use. You can choose as much as 10 to 15 for a start.

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A) Don’t forget to add “gobbledegook tag” in all your videos. What it will do is that it will create a connection between all your videos
& will help you to get traffic on your other videos as well.

B) Copy the keyword from the most viewed Youtube video, which is related to yours and use it in the name of your Youtube channel

Step 4- Description:

Write a description with a reasonable amount of words. In my opinion, 300+ words will be good enough. Use your keyword at least 4 times in your description. You can also copy text from your sales page, however, it should also be written with proper grammar.

First line-> Use keyword
Second line-> any URL(affiliate or your own website)

Copy your video URL and channel URL to post it with in your description.

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Step 5- Annotations:

YouTube Ranking Guide 2015

Always keep in mind that annotations are not visible on mobile devices, therefore, to do SEO of your video you can:

a) Link it to any of your other channels
b) Link it to any other video
c) Ask them to give a feedback
d) Make use of a subscribe option.

Step 6- Thumbnails:

An attractive thumbnail can give you more clicks, so, insert a 1280×720{width 640 pixels) of a picture with jpeg, gif, bmp or png formats under the limit of 2mb.

Try using (16:9) aspect ratio because its mostly used in previews and Youtube players.

Step 7: Sharing:

As we all know that social media boosts your rank on Google, therefore, you need to spread your video all over different social media platforms. We have covered various tricks to use social media networks on BlogginHeat, so, do check it out all of them:

Step 8: Pinging and Indexing:

Copy your video URL and submit it to It might take a while, so, keep it open for sometime.

Pinging informs the web that a person has made some sort of a content.

Following is the list of some pinging websites:


 Step 9: Comments and Views:

Ask your friends to write few comments on your videos to keep the eyeballs rolling of your targeted viewers.

 Step 10: Upload your video to many other platforms like Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo:

After uploading your videos on these platforms, do mention your Youtube links at the bottom.

Step 11: Embeds and boosting shares:

If you are having your own blog, you can embed your videos on it, if you haven’t got one, you can use services like:

  • Social Monkee
  • Social Adr
  • (free to use)

to give link juice to your videos.

You can also use BloggingHeat’s Backlinker tool to create backlinks of your videos!

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