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You people are soon going to experience a drastic change in Youtube because in accordance with few sources, it is about to launch 2 separate (subscription-services) just before the start of 2016.

Youtube is Soon Going to start Charging its Users

Previously, Youtube was an advertizement supported and a free platform, but now after change in plans, they are becoming way too serious in introducing its new (subscription-services). These amazing new services are definitely going to help people that make videos to earn money, however on the other hand,  some viewers might feel a bit odd about it.

With as much as one billion viewers worldwide, Youtube can support (multiple-streaming-services), but when it comes to the music industry, the reaction is kind of mixed.

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The Verge published a report in the month of April, in which it was revealed that Youtube subscription service has been launched for Youtube’s extremely popular video makers as well as their huge audiences and it will be offering advertizement free Youtube videos, a video saving option, so that people can watch those videos offline and an access of (premium-content).

In my opinion, this weird act of stupidity at the end of Youtube is going to prove devastating for the company because of the fact that earning money by hidden ways while providing FREE access to viewers worldwide was the only best option for Youtube to enjoy dignity and feel proud at the same time.

I hope no other website follows this act, so that people could get more and more information, entertainment and plenty of other stuff online for no cost at all. Furthermore, the reason why I am getting so much annoyed by this service is that there is definitely going to be a lot of discrimination in providing special features to its subscribed users and the ones that are not paying.

Only the time will tell, whether this service launch will prove beneficial for Youtube or not.

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