You might be extremely good at English writing, but if we talk about SEO based writing, we have to keep many things in our mind. You can call it an ability to filter the requirements of a normal human being, for example, if some day, you plan to buy a T-shirt for your son, what are you going to search on Google? Will it be “Buy T-shirts” , “Buy good quality T-shirts” or any thing else? Well, to be frank, there are thousands of words that exists in this world and its hard to guess each one of them. This is where SEO comes for our rescue! Google has set some requirements for the articles to give it a rank.

To write SEO based articles you will have to follow the below mentioned points:


H1 for title (That is already present in wordpress as a default)
H2 as the main heading of the post
H3 as the sub heading with in the post.

How to write Seo based articles?


You need to write at least 300 words of content in your articles in order to make it rank on search engines.
Maximum 450 to 500 words can be used in your article.
Its a compulsion to use 3 to 4 or 4 to 5 maximum (Focus Keyword) in your article.

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How to write Seo based articles?


You can change the style of your focus keyword to italic for once.
You can Bold your focus keyword for once.
You can also underline your focus keyword for once.

How to write Seo based articles?

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You have to use at least one image in your post.
At the time of saving your pictures, you need to use keyword in their names.
Insert focus keyword in the alt tag section of your picture.

How to write Seo based articles?

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You need to use one outbound link that should be (Nofollow) in your articles.
You also need to use one inbound link that should be (Dofollow) by default.

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