Sometimes, writing articles can become a headache for all those webmasters that are not good at writing English. I have also faced similar kind of issues in my blogging career, that’s why I thought to share some of my secret re-writing tips with you to make your article plagiarism free.

How to write a plagiarism free article


Following are some key points that you can implement every time you start writing articles for your website or a blog:

  1. While re-writing content, convert digits into words and words into digits, for example: you can also write “$100” as “one hundred dollars”.
  2. Usage of brackets, curly brackets and other symbols also make your content unique, lets suppose, there are 3 words that you are unable to re-write, you can simply make it unique by adding any symbol in it. To explain you further, let me give you another example: to make this sentence plagiarism free “Pakistan cannot beat Australia in this world cup” I tried to write it like this: ( “Pakistan” cannot beat “Australia” in this world-cup)
  3. Use Microsoft word or Google to find out synonyms=(same meaning, but different words) For example: synonym of loud is noisy, synonym of large is big, synonym of rescue is save, etc.
  4. You can change adjectives in any sentence to make it plagiarism free, for example: Cricket is a fascinating sport can also be written as Cricket is an interesting sport.
  5. Normally, people are unaware about punctuation rules and by taking benefit of their weakness, we can use punctuation correctly to make our article plagiarism free.

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We have already covered topics such as Secret trick to get free articles for your website and How to write SEO based articles because if we want our articles to rank on Google, we will have to make our content 100% plagiarism free and also use perfect grammar in it. The reason, why I am emphasizing more on grammar is that if you will not use good grammar, Google’s algorithm will think of you as a bot and will kick you out of its 1st page ranking.

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I am a full time blogger and a content writer as well. I try to help my readers and solve their problems related to SEO, web hosting, freelancing and other related stuff.

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  1. Shafiq Baloch

    Bhai Thanks A Lot.. Allah aap ko iss ka ajar de. Hm Ghareeboon ko Bhala kr rhay ho.

  2. Gree

    Ughh…it’s still plagiarism if you just change a few words. Also, even if you rewrite the entire post – if you take someone else’s ideas, that’s plagiarism too. Say you see a good article you like, and you take the key argument ands write it entirely in your own words – if you don’t provide a source or citation to that article, that’s still plagiarism!


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