WP Engine provides you a fully managed WordPress-hosting-platform for your wordpress website. It has got the following features to make your life way too easy, if you are running a single site or multiple sites.

Technnology of EverCache

According to Google, 20% of traffic that people lose is just because their website takes a lot of time to load. Google has also incorporated the loading speed time in your search engine rankings, which is why, Faster loading sites are always on a winning site.

If you talk about WP Engine, it has got custom built hosting services that uses the technology of EverCache to provide fast and furious wordpress websites to its customers.

Extremely Fast and Robust (Scalability):

You will not have to configure your caching plugin ever again because the architecture of our WordPress hosting is tuned to provide  you the fastest wordpress hosting ever. Another great thing about WP Engine is that it will never make your site go offline due to a massive traffic on it. Its a promise!

Is your WordPress Hacked? Don’t worry because we are there for your help:

Wp Engine can automatically perform a scanning process for you and fix if there is any kind of a hacking attempt being made to provide you a complete security. Lets suppose, after doing each and everything, still, any hacker tries to play with your site, WpEngine will come for your rescue by fixing it asap and without charging you a single penny.

Backing up securely and proactively:

From now onwards, there will not be any extra pain on your shoulders to backup your content because we will give you a (one click solution) to restore all your stuff without charging you any thing. Besides that, we will also install all the wordpress security updates as soon as any new update arrives. Trust me! no other WordPress is as responsible as we are!

WordPress (Features) that you asked for:

WP Engine comes up with a perfect looking (WordPress) staging, so that you can create new pages, install themes or make any other changes in your website without having any kind of a problem of server crashes. All our customers love this a lot and you will too!

Curated Themes and Plugins:

Are you getting confused by the availability of thousands of plugins and themes on WordPress? Well, don’t worry because we are going to suggest you the most appropriate theme and plugins for your site on the basis of our experiences.

Powerful tools for users:

A wide range of tools and services are being provided to build a best custom based website for you on WordPress.

Assistance at the time of site migration:

Looks like, site migration is a tough job, isn’t it? actually, its not! Wp Engine has got the most reliable third partner to help you out in the migration process of your website.

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