Muhammad Shahzad, a young tech savvy from Pakistan, has been recognized by several top level tech firms of the world for his contribution in ethical hacking security. Within 3 years, he himself learned hacking and was able to identify several vulnerabilities for the famous tech firms which earned him applaud and various awards. At 13 years of age, he has been recognized by world famous tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, eBay, Dropbox and many others.

Muhammad Shahzad

How did it start?

Muhammad got addicted to computer from a very young age. He made his first email-id when he was studying in KG, Yes! While we were struggling to learn ABCD. Through time flow and his interest vesting in computers and World Wide Web, he found himself as an ethical hacker after few years.

Ethical hacking requires the knowledge and tricks to bypass any secured online system to reveal out certain data and information. Hacking being looked as an illegal word becomes ethical when morals and legality bounds a person to hack system to identify any flaw in the system so that it can be prevented from malicious activities of filthy hackers. Muhammad chose the right path to help companies identify their weak points and build a much stronger system. This is what ethical hackers do.

Extra- The Proud Moment: Muhammad identified the vulnerability in the Android Kitkat (4.4) lock system, and Android Security Team acknowledged it and corrected the flaw through the new update.

Muhammad recalls the moment when he jumped in this journey. He started all this when he was just 10 years old. He read various books and online content on web security online and started applying it practically without any delay. Within 3 years, he identified vulnerabilities on many websites, became a public speaker in many academic institutions in Pakistan, and wrote a research paper for a conference. With all this, he is also writing a book and is also learning all important programming languages like PHP, C++ and Python to increase his knowledge base.

More about this young Pakistani lad who is making his country proud in Tech World

At present, he studies in Beaconhouse in 8th grade. He is fond of movies, playing PC games like Counter Strike and also sports including cricket and football. His favorite movie, like his life, is also related to hacking which is Chris Helmsworth (Thor) starrer ‘Blackhat’.

Muhammad actively grabs every opportunity of public speaking in academic institutions as he likes to share his knowledge and wants to inspire other young lads of Pakistan. His focus is on learning each and every aspect of hacking and this has become his first love.

Extra: Muhammad doesn’t hold any certification. His hard work, efforts and contributions recognize his work and potential.

Looking into Future

Muhammad is very keen into the tech world and wants to require as much knowledge as possible to be one of the greatest ethical hacker. As of now, he is looking forward to make it to Atchison on merit. His life goal is to be a world known successful ethical hacker and make his country remembered for positive reasons.

He has a good support from his family, friends and other hackers and hence, he is moving ahead for a better and successful future. He hopes Pakistan government to recognize him for his efforts and support him wherever required.

Pakistan needs more people like him and let us make this country prosper more and more.

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