After experimenting a lot and facing many ups and downs, I found a way to survive in SEO industry. Recently, one of my friend saw the product based sites that I have created & his reaction was like (Hey, How the hell you did that?). Well, the reason of this weird reaction was that the total no of backlinks weren’t that much and still that site was among top 3.

The only thing that I did was to work on the website structure & on-page Search Engine Optimization.

With out speaking more crap, let me tell you how I did all that!

19th of Jan – Below shown pic is the screenshot of one of my product that got 3rd page rank just with in three days, isn’t that amazing? Simply, publish an article and here you go! wait for it to get immediately indexed!

White Rank your website without any backlink

28th of Jan – And just after nine days, website reached 1st spot!

White Rank your website without any backlink

All these screenshots are taken from live stats. Wanna get these kind of results? Well, don’t worry because I’ll tell you each and everything in this post! Trust me, its extremely easy and you don’t require any prior SEO experience for that.

Can I also use this strategy? I mean, is that simple?

Yes, you can use it for (single products & services), for instance:

  • WordPress theme named as Avada
  • Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 (cellphones)
  • Buy (Phetermine) One of the weight loss medicine), etc

As far as the services are concerned.

Remember, all these were just to show you examples, you can try almost any service or a product depending on the nature of your business.

This (strategy) works mainly for “Low Competition Keywords”

How can I increase the power of my backlinks 400X more?

In this strategy of mine, I will create a website from very scratch.

Now, lets take any product or a service! For example:

This above mentioned domain name will be one of the best example of a (product based website). The name of this website is kept on the name of a weight loss product “Fat-loss-Factor” & its currently ranking at 5th spot on this keyword.

We are going to do pretty much same, but in my own secret way!

Secret Way To Rank A Domain at First Page?

There are following 6 tasks you have to work and get Top SEO Ranking.

  1. Find a decent looking domain on your keyword
  2. Develop content
  3. Do On-page optimization
  4. Internal-structure
  5. Trust-Jacking
  6. External structure

To explain you further, lets suppose, Buy (Handbags) is the keyword that I am going to target. It has got xxxx no: of searches monthly and as far as the competition is concerned, its pretty normal.

You can select any keyword what so ever that you are looking to rank.

Once, you have decided the keyword, here is the 1st step that you need to perform:

How to select the awesome looking domain name for your site?

First of all, let me tell you that a domain name is extremely important for this strategy because if you are not having a clean and good domain name, its going to be very difficult for you to get the 1st page ranking.

Therefore, we will use a Brand type (domain names).

Alert: Domains should be brand new, not the ones that have expired.

I have selected for my keyword “handbags” and I have used the word “king” at the end to make it look like a brand name.

Alert: domain names like won’t work for you because it looks like spam.

Simply, follow this below mentioned formula, while choosing a domain!

keyword+brandnamelookalikenames e.g king=domain name

You must also check the Million Dollars Trick to Find Premium Domain Names.

After selecting a domain name, visit & insert your domain name like I have did and click “browse history”

White Rank your website without any backlink

The main purpose of is to check if the domain name that you have selected is expired or new. Expired domain name means: some one has already used that previously and deleted it after using.

White Rank your website without any backlink

Alert: Remember, you need to use a brand new domain, always!

Development of your content

You might have heard before that (Content is the king), well, its 100% true because we are also gonna rank our website with the power of our content. Now, coming towards our website, we need as much as twelve articles with proper grammar and with the word count of 800 to 1200 words.

Check out, what kind of content you should have:

1st six articles are the main pillars of your site and with out them, you cant get success.

Alert: Remember, all the ranking procedures will be done on the basis of these 6 articles, so, please, don’t compromise on its quality.

1. You need to write an article on Why should a person buy that particular product, its reviews, benefits and almost each and everything for the convenience of your targeted visitors. In my case, I have written on (Buy-Handbags-Online) for 1200 words.

This article should be extremely well-written because,  its gonna be on your main page of the website. Try to write with proper explanations and there is no need to use any keywords in it.

2. How can this product benefit you? (should be of 800 words)

You need to tell the advantages and benefits of the product on which you have created your site. Remember, you should not write any negative point in  your article, instead, write all its benefits.

3. How can anyone purchase the product that you are marketing? ( Write 1000 words atleast)

You need to mention the entire procedure of how can anyone buy that particular product from your site, for example, detals about shipping methods, payment methods and stuff like that.

4. Why you should use this product? (Write 800 to 1000 words)

Purpose mainly depends on the keyword. Lets suppose, if your keyword is related to a medicine for obesity, then, you need to explain its purpose.

5. Review of the product: (800 to 1000 words)

You will have to write a good looking review on your service or product.

6. Compare your product with other similar products (600 to 1000 words)

You will need to compare your product with the other similar products by telling how your product is better than the others.

Once, you are done with the first 6 articles, now, you need to write the remaining 6 articles full of information.

These articles will not be written for SEO purpose, neither it will help you to drive traffic on your site. The only purpose of these articles is to provide information to the visitors, without using any keywords what so ever.

You might be thinking that if we are not writing these articles for SEO purpose then whats the use of it?

Well, you would be aware that whenever, we create backlinks, we do change their anchor text, You don’t? Its just because we are not looking to use our (targeted-keywords) on each and every single backlink and therefore, we make use of generic-anchor-text

Same is the case with our content.

Google is way too clever and knows what have you written for the purpose of SEO and what for the readers. These six articles full of information are gonna be for readers, mainly and will perform its role in building the trust.

To get ideas on what to write, you can try this out:

White Rank your website without any backlink

Alert: you can also use infographics to provide extra information to the visitors and induce them by using good looking images.

White Rank your website without any backlink

Now, let me tell you how to do On-page optimization of your site.


  • Try using keywords in your title, but if they don’t fit, leave them. On the other hand, you also need to use keyword in your homepage title.
  • You should use brand name in titles for example:
  • Title of your website | Brand name

Density of your keywords:

You should not care about the density of your keywords. Simply, write articles to provide information, however, using 3 to 4 keywords won’t hurt a lot.

If still you are conscious about keyword density then keep it under 2%.


Headings are extremely important. Make use of keyword in H2 and description for one time each. Keep your H3 and H4 headings completely clean from keywords.


You can hire anyone on fiverr and create a lovely review of your product in a video form. If you can’t do that, try using to create a slide with the help of your product pictures. Believe it or not, Media performs a very important role in search engine optimization, therefore, please don’t ignore it.


You need to insert pictures of your (keyword). If you ask my recommendation, you can insert a logo or change the hue-saturation of the image before inserting it on your site. After that, write down ALT tags with the help of your keywords.

One more thing that I noticed is that people do not change the title of the image, for example img1002.jpg, you need to change it to yourkeyword.jpg

JPG format is preferred, if it’s a real life image, otherwise if it is a digital object then use png. (GIF for animated ofcourse)


I have seen that many people try to use keywords in their permalinks, which is totally wrong.

Right method:

Wrong method:

If your domain name has got a keyword in it, then there is no need to use it again in the permalink.

Remember: In the eyes of Google, its called as keyword stuffing.

Here is one another example:

Right method:
Wrong method:

You need to set permalinks of your (pillar articles) according to the way mentioned above and as far as the informative articles are concerned, you can use keywords in its permalinks.

Internal structure of links:

It might look a bit difficult, but trust me its very easy! Have a look:

White Rank your website without any backlink


  1. Informative articles
  2. Homepage
  3. Piller articles
  4. Juice page
  • Pillar articles should be linked with the homepage only.
  • The (juice-page) needs to be linked with all the pillar-articles and the homepage.
  • Homepage it self should not link to any internal articles.

3 Informative articles should be linked with homepage, while the rest of the 3 should be linked with 3 other pillar articles.

In diagram, you will see that I have posted (pillar articles) on page, while the (informative articles) in the posts. Also remember, to use the “Onpage-techniques” that I have mentioned earlier in this post in all the articles before pressing the publish button.

External Structure:

Try using at least one (external link) in your every article.

I have seen that mostly people just link Wikipedia, Huffington and Youtube links, but trust me, Google is smart enough to judge what you are trying to do here. Google knows every single thing you do to make your articles SEO friendly, so, be cautious!

Alert: You need to find authority pages relevant to your niche for external links.

That particular link will be more effective then a generic (wikipedia link).


Social Media Pages:

You need to create social media pages with your brand name and use it as a widget on your website. After that, buy some likes with the help of Facebook ads, etc.

Real names:

Instead of using admin, webmaster, etc, you need to create your profile on wordpress.

Web hosting:

It is optional, but beneficial if done well. Web hosting (Server location) is a positive sign, For example, if you want to rank your website in United Kingdom and your website is also hosted in UK then it shows relevancy as compared to a site trying to rank in UK and is hosted in south Africa.

Verify your website on Webmaster tools:

After doing all the things mentioned above, you need to verify your website through webmaster tools. Simply, submit your sitemap & some sharing on social media.

Once, your domain will get indexed, you will see a quick increase in your rankings on a daily basis. If competition is less, your domain will jump to the 1st sport straight away or at 2nd or 3rd position.

Remember: This strategy works best on the low competition keywords.

Goodnews: your website will remain at the very first spot forever.

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  1. Ghufran Arif

    I’ve a question, if we’re already ranking on a position of 5th, then it’s not a big deal or rocket science to get that on 1st spot, and if it’s a keyword that’s inside domain name/URL under examination (as part or full) then it’s as easy as ABC. But I’d like to know your thoughts on a different scenario!

    Let’s suppose we don’t have a keyword inside URL (this isn’t an issue by the way, at least for me 🙂 ), plus, keyword rank is > 100. What we should do to get it on top 5 positions?

    • Samir Khan

      I have a domain
      can you rank it for keyword ” Google ” ? because the keyword is in the
      domain name and it is not a big deal or rocket science for you? Easy as
      ABC. Let me know if you can.

      • Ghufran Arif

        Good question! But note that brother, it’s an extraordinary condition/scenario! We’re talking about small businesses where such situations don’t often come up! 🙂 Let me give you an example if you didn’t get my point! If we’ve a website and we want to rank it for some general keyword that may be anything like “affordable studio in Los Angeles”. Now I’d love to get your tips here :).

        And yes, I’m in 100% agreement with you, I had a client who was running a business selling facebook likes and he had the word facebook in his domain, now if he says me to rank for Facebook 🙂 , then…!

      • salmanbaig0312

        Hi Ghufran,

        In this thread, I’ll answer questions related to Whiterank. Let me know if there is any confusion. I’d be happy to answer.

        If you want tips on any other related topic, Do contact me for paid consultation on I charge $50/hr. Thankyou

  2. Ghufran Arif

    Good question! But note that brother, it’s an extraordinary condition/scenario! We’re talking about small businesses where such situations don’t often come up! 🙂 Let me give you an example if you didn’t get my point! If we’ve a website and we want to rank it for some general keyword that may be anything like “affordable studio in Los Angeles”. Now I’d love to get your tips here :).

    And yes, I’m in 100% agreement with you, I had a client who was running a business selling facebook likes and he had the word facebook in his domain, now if he says me to rank for Facebook 🙂 , then…!

  3. hamza ansari

    great article sir my website youth reviewswhen i post article its shown on first page of google but after one its position is down and down i need help how can i maintain this on top pages

    • salmanbaig0312

      Thank you Hamza,

      Please Read the Post again. I have already mentioned.

      Keep doing social media shares and make some authority backlinks on your post (Preferably Guest posts)


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