Interlinking is extremely important, no matter, which industry you belong to because it performs the main role in ranking your site on Google. As far as automatic (Interlinking) is concerned, its not good at all due to its lack of control. Therefore, the best thing to do is to create Inter links manually.

If you are a layman, you are definitely going to ask:

what does Interlinking actually means:

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So, here we go:

An Interlink is a link, which takes you to another page of the similar website.

For example:

<a href=”” title=”Keyword Text”>Keyword Text</a>

Note: Always remember to use descriptive keywords with in your anchor text to give your visitors an idea about whats the topic of the page that he or she is going to visit after clicking that interlink.

Interlinking can be used for:

  • They increase the navigation on your website.
  • They establish the hierarchy of information on your website.
  • They spread (link juice) through out the website.

Best SEO Practice:

Interlinks are mostly used to establish the architecture of a website and to spread link juice. This is why, in this section, we will talk about how interlinks helps us to build an SEO friendly website.

Let me give you an example of a Google crawler:

Internal Linking – Building strategies Explained

Google’s crawler reaches page A & looks at the internal links that are pointing towards pages B & E. However, pages “C” & “D” also might be relevant, but, the crawler, will not be able to reach them. The reason why, Google crawler is gonna think like that is that there are no (direct crawlable) link pointing towards those pages. In the eyes of Google, the pages C and D do not have good content, proper keyword targeting because of which, crawlers are gonna face problems in reaching them.

You need to create a structure like this:

Internal Linking – Building strategies Explained


This is what Google wants as the crawlers know that this particular link should be included in the search engine to use it for the calculation of (query independent variables) & also follow it for the indexation of the “refrenced-pages”.

Also check:

Wanna know reasons that why Crawlers are unable to reach your links? Check it out:

Crawlers do not track:

  • Links present in (Submission required-forms)
  • Links that can only accessed via (internal-search-boxes)
  • Links present in (Un Parseable-Javascript)
  • Links present in Java, Flash or any other plugins
  • Links that are pointing towards pages that are blocked by Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag.
  • Hudreds & Thousands of (links) on the pages.
  • Links present in iframes.

Examples of Interlinking done by some of the top websites in the world of internet:


Internal Linking – Building strategies Explained


What Is Interlinking And Why Is Tt Extremely Important


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