A formal and shriveled way to define blog is an abbreviated version of “weblog”, which is a term used to describe websites featuring a regularly updated series of related/unrelated information by an individual or a small team of people. A seasoned and spiced definition would define “what is a blog” as the best medium to pass along latent, controversial, and unique thoughts to the common people in a lucid and informal style, similar to a personal journal or diary.  The question was: “What is a blog ?”. Did I answer it? Not yet. So let’s burst it up wide.

What is a blog

Articles featured in a blog can be short and precise, and appear in a chronological order with the newest published at the top. A person who updates a blog is known as a “blogger” and blogs accumulated in a collective community are termed as a “blogsphere”. The elevated benefit of a blog lies in the fact that the posted information is not limited to any particular set of thinking capacity, as it can cover themes as consequential as overpopulation bringing humanity to the brink of end to matters as trivial as the brand of make-up you wore last night at prom. I hope by now those blur shades in your mind are cleaned up with factual responses to the major question, which I reiterate again and again… What is a blog?

A blog is perhaps the best forum to pursue your passion of writing at a beginner’s level because through the comments section, the critiques shown can be taken as initiatives to improve and learn what to write that grasps the attention of the reader. It can also act as a socializing channel where you can communicate with fellow bloggers and discuss the “hardships of a blogger in a community where listening is preferred to reading” (that almost never happens but in our society weirdness is very welcome!)

A blog is not destined to have a prior purpose, it is just a hoarding of all the wild ideas residing in a human brain which other people might like to read on the go, but how to obtain many readers? To begin with, an active account on social media sites is your best friend, because through it you can share and ask you friends to share it on their account. Secondly, request famous bloggers you are in good terms with to advertise your blog link on their website and ask for tips to get readers. Losing readers is as easy as it is hard to gain them, so the main quality must always reside in your ability to write something readers actually want to read, I mean why would anyone want to know about your make-up? (No offense to all the women out there).

With its multiple digital presentation options involving pictures, small clips and links for further details, and a little catchy background through the use of WordPress tools a blog can become a hobby that provides unique internal content and before you know it you may have a huge following waiting in line like on a new restaurant’s opening to see what you publish next, and create contention and fan argument and have something new to talk about, and finally, you cannot deny the honing of writing skills provided by this magnificent avocation. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s crush this question “What is a blog? ” forever with these rhymes:

Whether it’s rainy or whether there’s fog
Or whether you have a puppy eyed dog
It may seem as boring as a floating log
Just spice it up, and add it to your blog!

I hope by now your thirst of knowing what is a blog? has been watered to look forward yourself as a blogger. Interesting No?

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