Guys, as you already know about Fiverr that its a place where we can earn some money to complete small tasks for $5 or even more, today, I am going to show you how people are earning more than $100 per day from Fiverr.

Here you go!

Fiverr has maintained it’s position under 500, according to Alexa. It is also extremely popular in USA, where it holds the position of under 300. Now, you can imagine how many buyers and sellers are available there every day!

I have seen that there are hundreds of peoples selling their useless gigs on Fiverr and have earned a pretty decent reputation over there, what It means is that we can sell almost any thing on Fiverr that we have a grip on. You just need to make an attractive gig for buyers and that’s all.

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key points
  1. Registration : As I have mentioned earlier in this post that Fiverr is very popular in US. so, we have to focus on US buyers. Though, you need to make a new account on Fiverr which shows that you also belong to US. Well, don’t worry because  I’ll guide you how to make a US account easily. To make this possible, you need to have a Google Chrome browser in your PC and a ZenMate (Chrome Extension) in your browser. Before clicking on Sign up, you need to change your Country to US with the help of ZenMate. Now, start creating a brand new account.
  2. Account Name : It is also very important to select a proper username. Choose gigs that you are looking to sell and set your username just like your gigs. For Example: If I make a gig about WordPress, I will recommend you to keep your username like “Alex-WPSolution”. By doing that, It will not only attracts users to check your gigs, but will also increase the chances to get maximum sales.
  3. Gig Title : Gig title is the soul of your gig. It should be more attractive. Before making your tiltle, you have to research around Fiverr about the same gi,g which you are going to publish. Open 3 to 4 gigs similar to your gigs to get the idea.

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  1. Description : Description also plays a major role after title. Again look at some related gigs and get an idea.
  2. Bonuses : Is there anyone who doesn’t need any useful thing for free ? It would be awesome, if you offer some bonuses to your buyers. Trust me it really works!

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What If We Have Already Done All Things But Still Not Getting Impressions:

Try to refresh your gigs after every few minutes. It will help you to increase your gigs responsiveness. Maximum responsiveness brings your gig up in the category.

How to get a good idea to create a brand new gig?

Idea to create a brand new gig

I am going to show you how you can sell things easily on Fiverr. I have selected few gigs for you and solutions on how to complete an order on time.

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  1. Turn Pictures Into Paintings : You can easily and quickly turn someone’s pictures into paintings. There are many Photoshop tutorials available on dailymotion and Youtube or you can use a free tools like This Painter or SnapesTouch.
  2. Install WordPress : It’s extremely easy to install WP in your client’s blog by using a single click installer or you can do this by using Cpanel.
  3. Listing Or Directory Reviews : There are lots of businesses having listings on sites like Google Places and Four Square with no reviews and often times to come to Fiverr to looking someone to leave a review. This is an easiest copy and paste gig.
  4. Write Resume Or a Cover Letter : You need to ask your buyers what kind of job they are applying for and get your buyer’s biodata. Simply,  insert that into a resume or a cover letter template. There are thousands of free templates that you can search on Google.
  5. Social Media Likes : These days, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are getting more attention of internet users around the world. Almost every body needs lots and lots of fans on their page. To do this, you need to make an account on any Likes Exchanger websites where you can gain points to like other user’s pages and in return you spend your points to get Likes from others. Don’t forget to check Trick to get unlimited Facebook Fanpage Likes, Comments and Twitter /FB Followers

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I Can’t Do, What You Have Shared Above:

Once Again, I will say no problem!, I will also show you how you can earn without doing any thing on Fiverr:

You need to start working as a Reseller. Yeah, you heard that right!

You can make thousands of gigs by using this trick. There are lots of websites available that can help you to do that.

Try One Dollar or A Dollar SEo to find the cheapest $1 gigs. Select 5 to 10 gigs that are most popular and research on Fiverr to find what kind of gigs are selling more. Now, start making gigs on Fiverr and get orders. Outsource your orders and make money! Isn’t that awesome?

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