Reddit is an extremely popular social network in the countries like USA and UK and its not that easy to use it for marketing purpose until and unless we apply some tricks on it. I have tried to explain every single thing in this tutorial to make you guys learn how to use Reddit to get maximum traffic on your website.

Firstly, checkout this Beginners guide to Reddit:


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Reddit Tutorial

1. There are two categories in every subreddit. One is named as “New” and the other one named as “Hot”! Our main aim should be to bring our   post in “Hot”
2. Whenever we post something on any subreddit, it goes in “New” section. Reddit needs approx. 10 or more than 10 Upvotes to take your post from “New” to “Hot” section.

 How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

 3. “Hot” section is just like a front page of a newspaper, when ever any person visits any subreddit, he will be able to look at your post straight away.

How to increase upvotes on your post?

4. Now the question is how can you increase upvotes on our post, so that it reaches “hot” section? Well! It’s very easy! However, people are not aware about this lovely Google chrome extension named as “Zenmate”
5. Simply download google chrome extension Zenmate on your browser as it will help you to change ips of your computer. It gives you 5 different country ips.

Do check out How to Use Zenmate Proxy for Chrome and Firefox Invisible Browsing to learn more about Zenmate.

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

6. You can select 5 different ips and create as many Reddit accounts as you like by using these ips. What you need to do is, that you have to increase your upvotes to at least 15 or 20 to go in Reddit’s “Hot” section.

Recommendation: If you want to switch b/w your Reddit profiles, simply, install an extension in your browser from: .

Do you think that its a big problem to create lots of different email id’s? Check out: How to Use One Email ID with Multiple Social Media Accounts

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

7. You can press cntrl+shift+n keys to open incognito browser on Google chrome and open different Reddit accounts on it. Upvote your own post by using these different accounts and once your post goes in Hot section, your traffic will start like hell! It will crash your servers! Trust me, it will. You can also join Reddit vote sharing groups on facebook and ask members in it to upvote your Reddit post.

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8. Remember, you should select relevant subreddit to post your article or a youtube video link. To search your subreddit, You can visit, type your keyword and Look for the best subreddit.

9. One more thing! On the right hand side of every subreddit, You will see online visitors. If online visitors are more than 100, only than you should post in that subreddit, otherwise, its kind of useless.

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

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10.You can only post one link of your website on Reddit! Remember, Its once in a life time! If you repeatedly posted your website link or youtube link on Reddit, they will ban you forever.

How to check if your account is blocked or not?

11. To check the ban of your account, you can open this site: www.”yourusername” If it has been blocked by Reddit, you won’t be able to look at your account after signing out.
12. To avoid getting banned on Reddit, you can follow the rules that are mentioned under each and every subreddit.

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

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13. A very important thing that people ask is that what does “link karma” means? Link karma is the reputation of your reddit account! You have to increase your profile link karma to at least 200 to 300.

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

How to increase karma to 100 or 200 within a day or two?

14. So! How are you going to increase your karma to 100 or 200 within a day or two?? You simply need to open www . reddit . com /r/celebs and look for the celebrity, which has got the highest upvotes.

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How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

Now find out HD pictures of Katy Perry on google images and upload it to imgur. com. is a picture hosting website and Reddit loves it a lot. After uploading it to, you will get a link like this: http:// i.imgur. com /NKgLUsP. jpg

Recommendation: You need to upload your image on to check if its unique or some one has already posted it on Reddit. Check out the image below:

How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro

15. Simply post this link in www. reddit. com/r/celebs. Post at least 5 links in a day to get 2 to 300 profile link karma. In title, only write the name of actress.

Content Strategy for Reddit:

16. Now, if you ask me what kind of content Reddit likes the most? Reddit loves interesting, latest and funny content a lot. You can rewrite posts from the following websites and post it on Reddit. Remember, your English should be good, whether it’s a youtube video or an article:

  • www. mashable .com
  • www. thenextweb .com
  • www. reuters .com
  • www. bbc. com
  • www. gizmodo. com
  • www. techcrunch. com
  • www. guardian .com

If you are not good at writing articles, check out Secret Trick to Get Free Articles for Your Website

17. All these above mentioned sites are loved by the people of US and Canada.

Best subreddit’s of Reddit:

18. The top most subreddits of Reddit are as follows, these subreddits will give you great amount of traffic:

  • technology
  • gadgets
  • funny (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • videos (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • interestingasfuck (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • woahdude (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • creepy (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • mildlyinteresting (for articles as well as youtube videos)
  • Others, you can search it on

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