People always ask me that can we use Infolinks ads and Google Adsense ads together or not and can it cause any kind of a danger to my priceless adsense account because of that?

To tell you the truth, Adsense is extremely strict when it comes to their guidelines related to placement and policies. To get the complete insight details about Google adsense policies, you can visit this link

The good news is that you can use almost all kinds of Adsense networks with your Adsense account, however, those ads should not display (ads in format). In easy words, it means that those ads should not mimic the original advertisements that are already running by Adsense. The reason of this restriction is that it violates the agreement that has taken place between 3rd party sponsors and Google Adsense.

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Is there any problem in Using Infolinks along with Google Adsense

Infolinks is a text based ad network and it offers different types of ads. I have personally used Infolinks and Adsense together on many of my websites and haven’t face any ban from Adsense till now. As per official policy of Adsense is concerned, there isn’t anything mentioned in black or white that they have any issue with Infolinks.

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Like Google Adsense, Infolinks also relies completely on the technology of textual based ads to showcase relevant advertisements, but they always work under their limits and do not harm any other ad network. This attitude makes them a problem free as solutions for bloggers world wide.

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If you have any problem regarding presence of other networks along with Google Adsense, please do comment in the Facebook comments section to get more info. I will try my level best to make another blog post to answer your queries.

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The only thing that you have to keep in your mind is that the popup ad by infolinks should not come over any Adsense ads. You can add <!– INFOLINKS_ON–> and <!– INFOLINKS_OFF–> in the beginning and ending of your content in your website as this code will help you to only show ads with in your content area.

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  1. Usman Ghani

    i think once your adsense is approved then you can add infolinks and it is allowed too, but it is recommended to remove infolink ads when you are applying for adsense or your adsense is under review process

  2. Infolinks

    Hi Shezz, this is Pamela from Infolinks. You’re right, this is a really popular question! Thanks for sharing this information with your readers and helping to spread the news that Infolinks is compatible with AdSense! Happy blogging 🙂


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