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In order to get maximum exposure for your blog, you need to look upon all the search engines present in the arena and add up your SEO practices accordingly. Not only Google, but even Bing may help you to get substantial amount of visitors. Though Google is the leading search engine in the world but the Bing search is also increasing. After Google got lot of negative response from the webmasters for their constantly changing algorithms, Microsoft has worked hard to improve Bing so that it can compete with Google, and as a result, they have been adding extra features like integrating Social signals and deep Facebook integration.

So now, as you would have known the importance of Bing, you need to use it in your SEO strategy to get the maximum benefit out of your blog. So we have decided to share all about Bing SEO and Bing Webmasters tools which will help bloggers to get their blogs indexed on Bing and add up a new source of traffic.

How To Submit Site To Bing Webmaster Tools?

For those who are new into SEO scene, let me tell you, Bing Webmaster Tool is also free like the Google’s one and is designed specifically for Bing search which includes adding blogs for getting indexed and find an appropriate SEO report for the blogs or websites.

Since fewer people actually use Bing Webmasters Tool, you have an added advantage of gaining a good position in the search results.

So the main part, how to use it?

First of all, you need to have a Windows live ID. If you don’t have, register a new one. Sign up and go through

The first thing is to Add your site by clicking ‘ADD’. Now, you have to add all the details of your website like sitemap, etc. In case you haven’t made up a sitemap yet, go to Google XML sitemap plugin and do it. Add sitemap’s link in the ‘Add a sitemap’ box. This sitemap link will help Bing to access each page of your blog and get them indexed.


You can also set Email communication preferences regarding your blog and decide when you want to be contacted by bing in case a trouble comes with your blog settings on Bing. The professional bloggers usually set it at ‘daily’ basis.


After these details have been filled by you, click ‘Save’ and then Bing webmaster Tool dashboard will appear with a message at side stating ‘Site ownership has not been verified, Verify now”. Click on ‘Verify now’ and select one of the given options to verify your blog.

The 3 verification options are:

  • Adding Meta tag in Header
  • File upload
  • Adding CNAME record to DNS

The first option seems to be most convenient.

For those who use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin in their blogs, they can easily add content part from meta-tag verification in their settings.


What after Verifying Site?

The basic settings have been done. Now you can add something extra to get an edge above other sites:

  • Submitting more sitemaps

Adding separate sitemaps for different file types (images, videos, etc.) will help your content to be more visible to Bing. Separate Image and Video sitemap can be created for WordPress blogs by going to these links: Create Image Sitemap and Create Video Sitemap. Now add these sitemaps through Dashboard< Configure my site< Sitemap.

  • Submit individual URL

Adding a new site to Bing may take time to crawl all the pages, hence if possible, you should manually add some important links of your blog to get them indexed early. It should also be noted that the monthly limit of adding URLs manually in Bing is 50 and daily limit is 10.

  • Ignoring URL parameters

Sometimes Bing may include some extra URL parameters in the links of your posts that are not good from SEO point of view. What happens is that Bing treats a single link differently due to extra URL parameters attached to them. Hence for a post to be more powerful, it becomes to remove such ambiguity. For this, you can add such parameters and ask Bing to ignore these.

  • Crawl Control

Bing Webmaster Tools allow you to set timings to when should Bing crawl your pages to index them. You have to set the busiest time of your blog and according to it, Bing will first select the least busy time of your blog and will crawl at that time. This is a very useful feature for those who have a huge traffic or those who have limited bandwidth.

  • Blocking URLs in Bing

Sometimes what happen, Bing indexes your wp-content, tags or categories folders and other page links which are not meant to be visible to public. To solve this problem, Block URL section is a boon. It allows you to block indexing of certain directories and links manually. This manual URL blocking applies for 90 days and you will receive an email notification 8 days before the end of 90 days and will give you an option to let the blocking continue or to change your action.

  • Sharing Webmaster Tool with others

For those who deal with blogs in team or those who work as freelancer to setup blogs, this is an amazing feature. You can share the benefits of Webmaster tool with others and give them authority/access according to their roles. The 3 types of roles that are available to be given are:

  • Read Only
  • Read and modification
  • Administrator Access

Bing Webmaster tool provides you many more features to help your blog to raise its visibility in search engines and hence get more traffic through it. After you have known most of the Bing’s benefit, it’s time to get up and add up your traffic source. So it’s high time to consider Bing as a potential search engine and give it a try.

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