Reddit has been a hub of lot of knowledge, as well as of the trolls. From being a social networking-cum-social bookmark website to a large source of traffic for various websites and blogs, Reddit is loved by many.

Having a diverse content collected from all over the net, it’s really a tough work to handle or manage all type of contents. Hence, a need to regulate the community aroused and the new boss was up for it.

Things that Reddit has Banned recently

Reddit’s new CEO Steve Huffman formally asked users to participate in Ask Me Anything session. By looking at the concern of many users, he was liable to speak at the type of content that voids the rules and regulations of the community.

Well, like everyone expected, following things have recently banned in Reddit (How to Use Reddit To Get Mass Traffic Like a Pro):

  • Spam
  • Illegal items like copyrighted materials, talking about drug use or thieving or something like that.
  • Posting someone’s personal and confidential information.
  • Any post or message that may hurt the sentiments of any people or a community, resulting into mob fight or outrage.
  • Any content that may insult, harass or bully any person or a group of people.
  • Sexual adult content activity featuring minors.

Child pornography is strictly banned in the community. Harassing someone based on their belief or religion or any serious sentiment or experiences is also not allowed in the Reddit community. Though many of these things were used to be removed, but those were only in the hands of moderators. It was just up to moderators to let the content be flagged or not. Now, these contents are to be banned without any detailed inspection. Child pornography was already by the government in all forms of social media from a long time.

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Not everything that’s annoying or abusive will be removed from the community. The new CEO also has taken steps for the somewhat indecent content that are not big issues to be taken off but be sensitive for a part of audience. Such NSFW content, which is referred as ‘content with a common sense of decency’, will be marked and will be available only after signing up in the community and only to those who opted for such content to be viewed. Moreover, such content will not be displayed in any search results of reddit and search engines and will not generate any profit to the Reddit. It’s awesome news for the advertisers who used to get freaked up as their advertising along with the unwanted content resulted in the bad or no conversions. After a long time, lot of such unwanted content will not be opened in public.

The banning of such contents is a way to justify the closing of many subreddits that it found abusive, which made a lot of buzz over the community. But it is going to piss-off the ‘free-speech’ lovers those find this decision as a disaster for the social media.

However, the AMA is going-on at the moment and we are waiting for the reaction of the netizens regarding this decision. Let’s wait and watch.

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