AddMeFast is the most popular website to exchanges likes, views, shares, followers and many other social stuff to make your social websites look like they are actually having this much amount of engagement. However, the truth is that its all fake. The only reason people use this fake stuff is that its a human nature to appreciate and like those things that many other people are also liking.

You might have seen lots of pages on Facebook that have recently started and with in a very few days time, they have managed to get more than 1 lakh likes, So, the secret behind those likes is AddmeFast. The most amazing thing about this online tool is that you can also sell these fake likes and followers on Fiverr or any other freelance platform.


AddMeFast Suite, created by OMGWTFISTHIS is now here! There will be no more long setup times and no more hassle. Simply, download the files, set your login and run! AMF Bot Suite is a new breed of AddMeFast script, which allows you to have a browser DEDICATED to run AddMeFast scripts. This setup is optimized in such a way that it will not use your CPU a lot. If you don’t know how to use it, follow the below mentioned tutorial.

Give it a try today and let me know, if you like it or not.

Supported Social Media Functions:

                                                    * Supported                                        *Not Supported

Facebook Likes                                                       Youtube Favorite                                                      Myspace Friends
Facebook Shares                                                       Youtube Views                                                     Pinterest Followers
Facebook Followers                                               Twitter Followers                                                    Pinterest Repins
Facebook Post Likes                                                 Twitter Tweets                                                         Pinterest Likes
Facebook Post Shares                                              Twitter Retweets                                                   Reverbnation Fans
Google Circles                                                            Twitter Favorites                                                   Soundcloud Follow
Google Shares+1                                                    Instagram Followers                                               Soundcloud Plays
YouTube Subscribe                                                    Instagram Likes                                                        Stumbleupon
YouTube Likes                                                      Likes                                                            Website Hits

1) First of all, you need to download AMF BOT Here and unzip it.


2) Create an Account on AddMeFast Here or if you already have one, configure the Setup.txt file with your username and password. Now “Start AMF BloggingHeat” Firefox file.

addmefast user setup

3) The portable Firefox will get started in a new window and you will see your login information. If it does not log in  automatically, just click on Login button.

addmefast account login

4) Now, select any social media service from sidebar to generate AddMeFast points automatically and click Play button to start earning points. If its your first time, you may also need to login your social media accounts.

start earning points


  • I always recommend to use Fake Social Media Account to earn points.
  • You can also earn 200 points daily points by AMF.
  • You can also check my following tricks:
  1. Trick To Create Unlimited Verified Facebook Accounts
  2. How to Use One Email ID with Multiple Social Media Accounts

5) When you have earned good number of points, click on green button to add and boost any social media service you want for your account. Check the screenshot in which, I tried to boost my Facebook Page.

get social boost

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