Here is my another amazing Secret Trick to get free bundle stuff of 50$ Facebook Ads Voucher Code + 100$ Google Adwords Voucher Code + 50$ Bing Voucher Code and a Free Shared Hosting plan without paying a single cent or adding any  credit card details, isn’t that amazing?

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to avail the below mentioned stuff for no cost at all!

  1. Free Shared Web Hosting Account.
  2. 50$ Free Facebook Ads Voucher Code
  3. 100$ Free Google Adwords Voucher Code
  4. 50$ Free Bing Ads Voucher Code
  5. Optional: You can get 1$/Year hosting account too.

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1) First of all, Click Here to Register and click It’s Free Join Now! to fill the complete signup form.

Free Web Hosting signup

2) Next, you need to select the required information as below and press the Checkout Button.

free fb coupon code signup

3) You are now successfully registered without paying anything as shown in the screenshot below. Now, click the Control Panel link.

get free bing voucher

4) Accept the Terms of Services and press Save & Continue Button.

get free google voucher agree continue

5) You will be asked to complete the Survey & Poll. Select anything of your choice or skip it.

control panel survey

6) Scroll down and you will see Marketing Services section. Click on (i) Facebook Ad Credit, (ii) Bing Ad Credits and (iii) Google Adwords.

free fb coupon code marketing

6.(i): Press Get Started Button and you will see a notification that says “Facebook Credits are available 7 days after signup“. So, comeback again after 7 days and you will get the coupon code. As we all know that Facebook Ads Voucher Codes are very rare now, waiting 7 days for it without spending anything is not a big deal. You can also sale this voucher code for at least 10$ to 20$ online or use it in on your own FB Ads.

Free facebook ads voucher code

After 7 days, again click on same button and you will see a prompt message, click “Activate Your Ad Credit Now“.

fb coupon ads

The page will refresh, now click again on same button and you will get another message “Use Facebook Now!“.

facebook coupon now

Hurreyyy!….. You have got a free Facebook Advertising Credit of 50$.

facebook code

6.(ii): Bing Ads do not work in some countries, so, you might need Zenmate Free Proxy Surfing to change your IP anonymously.

Free bing ads

6.(iii): In Google Adwords page, enter your Email ID and press give me my code. You will see your 100$ worth Adwords Promo Code as shown in the screenshot below. Copy it and use it in your own account or sale it online for least 10-20$ minimum.

free adwords promo code

Enjoy..! You can use this trick to create unlimited coupon codes and hosting accounts. Don’t forget to check our Trick How to Use One Email ID creating Multiple Accounts.

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50 Responses

  1. Ahmi

    You are great man.. really helpful article
    Thank you Shezz bro for the amazing article.. we really need this 😀
    Stay Blessed

    • CH USAMA

      Bhi, Bing is not working 😀 !
      IP change karne ka bad jab click karte hain tu active dialogue ata hai
      air jab us pe click karte hain tu wapis Cpanel page pe redirect ho jata hai !

      • CH USAMA

        I think Bing wala only paid hosting lene par he hum le sakte hain
        descitption main tha 😀
        chalo InshAllah FB wala tu mil jaye ga 😀 !

  2. Irfan

    the trick not working for bing bro, it redirects back to the main control panel page can u check it if its working for you because i have tried it using vpn as well.

    • ThatWeb

      It was working before on USA iP. Try it, if you still get any problem, I can look into alternative solution for Bing Coupons.

      • Irfan

        thank u, do update the post when u find a working method for bing 🙂

      • MD Rony

        Can I use VPN to Make Multiple Accounts ? I don’t think So .. May be they are doing much advance to Track .. May be Taking your PC IP …

        First time i was getting problem “about Credit Card Authorization ” used some browser also incognito them but Showing Same error … So may be they have Advance tracking Option 🙁

  3. Ihtisham Argan

    I am not getting sign in on my all acciunts that i have made before on netfirms
    And also getting error when try to make a new one.

  4. Sanju Choudhary


  5. RaaJa201

    Shezz Bhai… I can’t create multiple accounts now =(

    I’m getting this error: For security reasons, your purchase has been suspended and is being reviewed by our order verification team. The review process is typically quite fast and you will not be charged until the review is complete. If you have any questions, please contact our Billing Department at 866-317-4678 or

    I have tried in incognito mode, with Proxy too.. And on a RDP too.. Getting this error again and again =(
    Generated the Info from … =(

  6. Arun Banotra

    I tried these tricks many times.. but these tricks are too hassling & time consuming. Better is buy bing coupons from Bing coupon seller. Add this guy Skype: ppcrunner He is selling $400 $800 $1600 & $2000 Bing coupons for old & new accounts.

  7. SyedSmar1

    Awesome! Superb! I am sure no one over the Internet would be sharing this type of content!

  8. ahmedale

    Shehzad Bhai kindly guide me according to my questions which i mention in screenshot

    • Subi

      Same problem, asking credit card, not a good option to give credit card details, I guess they will make a authorization transaction in the card for verification.

  9. Ahmed Butt

    Bro i am using Zenmate proxy,
    But netfirms is asking me for Credit card?
    now what should i do. because i dont have credit cards. 😀

  10. Ahmed Butt

    Shehzad bhai agar apko hmary iss maslay ka solution nai pata to jawab me keh 2… k ab ye coupon code nai dyte ya jo b masla hai, hmara b time zaya kar rahy ho aur apni Repu b..

  11. Terrence Mc

    Why when I press continue after fill the form the website saiys
    500 ErrorThe page you requested no longer exists or is temporarily unavailable?

  12. juan

    It says: For security reasons, your purchase has been suspended and is being reviewed by our order verification team. The review process is typically quite fast and you will not be charged until the review is complete.

  13. Alison Tapp

    I DID ALL THIS FUCKING SHIT AND IT WAS A WAIST OF DAMN TIME GO YOURE ANNOYING AS SHIT. the bing one took me to this check out place and said it wasn’t available. and then google ad words just brought me to the coupon any idiot can access by going to the DAMN GOOGLE AD WORDS WEBSITE HELLO? then Facebook is probably bs in seven days too. and YES I AM IN THE USA and NO i am not an idiot who doesn’t know what I’m doing. YOU ARE. THANKS FOR WAISTING MY TIME JACKASS.

  14. Zakaria Moukhlis


  15. paul dave

    Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a Card Authorization form?


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