Being a marketer, we always need lots and lots of Facebook accounts to spam or social boost our website posts. However, its not that easy to verify and maintain those accounts for ever. In this post, you find the method of creating unlimited Facebook accounts so that you never face any trouble while spamming. :p

Lets Start Creating Unlimited FB Accounts

Step 1: Firstly, go to and then click “Create New Account”

Step 2: Fill the complete form ( use )

In the section of “Email or Phone” use email from

Step 3: Press “Sign up” and then visit to get email verification from facebook (Press f5 until you see it) use that CODE to activate your account.


It’s done! Dont forget to learn How to use One Email ID with multiple Social Accounts.

NOTE: Your Account may get banned in a day, so do make sure that you are providing the proper identity (college, school, place of living…) and don’t forget to upload a profile picture to keep the life of your account longer.

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Facebook is the best free marketing option for almost each one of us, no matter, if you are marketing your brand, selling T-shirts, making your content viral, etc. Due to massive spamming, Facebook algorithm has now started to create problems for people and it does not allow people to create and maintain their accounts easily.

Well! No matter, how good Facebook algorithm is, we have our own methods to disguise and workout our things without troubling anybody. You might want to use Facebook profiles to make money from mylikes, hide your identity, do massive spamming, use it for addmefast or anywhere else. Trust me; this technique is more than a blessing for each one of us.

Currently, Facebook is at the very top of all the social networks in the world and it’s widely used all around the world for socializing purposes and marketing purposes as well. Thank God, we now have a method to make as many Facebook accounts as we can.

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