Recently, SimilarWeb analyzed the traffic of these top 5 business websites of the world:

  • Fast Company
  • Fortune
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • Business Insider

and found that iPhone keyword was at the very top in the list!

Why iPhone?

The study of 2014 showed that the keyword iPhone gave more than 10 million visitors to Forbes & 3 million visitors to Business Insider.

The magical keyword "iPhone"


You might not believe, but Apple iPhone’s are so much popular that even websites that do not cover technology news have started to cover the keyword iPhone.

The magical keyword "iPhone"

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The magical keyword "iPhone"

Evergreen content related to iPhones

Just think, if you started publishing evergreen content related to iPhone on your website, how good you can earn from it. Trust me, it can become gold for you, if used properly.

Google search has got as much as 77k Business Insider “articles” containing iPhone keyword. These articles include topics such as iPhone rumors, iPhone tips, iPhone reviews, iPhone galleries, iPhone news and much more.

As per Google Trends, still iPhone 6 is the most popular keyword in (consumer electronics) category.

The magical keyword "iPhone"


Other popular keywords on which these above mentioned top sites of the world are working on are:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Bitcoin

You can also target these 3 keywords other than “iPhone” because people love to read about it every now and then.

For example: The fluctuations in Bitcoin, Facebook latest options, Youtube bans, etc.

Hope you are gonna work on these keywords and get massive traffic on your blogs with a pretty decent CPC rate on almost each and every Advertising network.

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