Blogging has changed many lives and the most attractive niche for the amateur bloggers is always the technology related blog. Finding information online, polishing the content with avid reading and research, and then compiling an informative unique article is one of the best ways to start a blogging career. Hence, many newbies look forward to create their blogs on technology niche.

Making attractive themes from scratch can be a good idea if you are an expert in coding but most of the bloggers are not professional programmers. Hence, they look for the best themes for their blogs that are made by specifically keeping tech niche in mind and are already available for purchase and has proved to be good. Most probably, you are here for the same reason, aren’t you?

Technology WordPress Themes

Here is a full detailed review of some of the best Technology WordPress Themes

  1. Alpha

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

This theme has been made by WPZOOM, powered by Zoom framework. It is a very good looking theme with attractiveness all over. The thing I liked the most about it is that the theme can be customized to a great extent with simple steps. Your website will be up in few hours of applying the theme, as the customization is pretty easy.

Videos can also be added through the already present ‘custom video budget’. The ‘Popular Posts’ section can help you get lot of traffic in the most important pages of your blog. The theme is priced at 75$.

  1. Truepixel

One of the best themes which is made by taking both the PC and mobile users in mind is the ‘Truepixel’. It is cleanly mobile-optimised and has proved to increase mobile traffic and conversions through it. The theme is professionally made for ‘Adsense Earning’ and hence, is ought to increase the CPC and CTR of your website. The theme is also loaded with ‘social media sharing buttons’. So, now no more searching and getting into trouble in finding post-sharing codes.

The theme can be set really quick and is highly recommended if your viewers are mostly from the mobile users. Attractive author box, breadcrumbs, and related articles are also appreciated in this theme. This theme can be bought for 45$.

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  1. Topgadget

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

It is beautifully crafted tech and gadgets based theme. If you blog about the recent gadgets entering the IT industry, this theme is perfect for you. The feature that’ll support this is ability to publish detail reviews with rating score based on various criteria.

One of the unique customization available in this theme is positioning the thumbnail at the desired location- left, right or centre. There are also 6 ad positions that you can make use of at a single page. It is also possible to disable those if you decide so. Threaded commenting system is also one of the advanced features of this theme. Currently, this theme is available at 59$.

  1. LiteMag

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

One of the simple, clean and attracting themes in the tech arena of blogs is the ‘LiteMag’ theme. It also has separate unique layout for the pc and mobile versions of the blog. Hence, the blog looks very attractive in both big and small screens.

The ad spaces provided are very responsive and have received positive signs of better CPC. From unlimited colors to featured fonts, the customization to make the blog look unique is pretty much an easy task. Hence, LiteMag is very much popular among the tech bloggers. This awesome theme costs only 58$.

  1. Codilight

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

This is a versatile theme as it’s a user-friendly theme with lot of varieties provided within. Such qualities make it suitable for most types of tech blogs- reviews, news, magazines or product websites. Since the theme is updated with fully functional HTML5 and CSS3, it functions perfectly with all the modern web browsers.

The load-time of one of my blog reduced appreciably when I loaded this theme. Hence, whenever my friends complain about high bounce rate, I recommend this theme to them. Translating the theme into any other popular language is also available. The theme can be bought now for 49$.

  1. GoMedia

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

One of the best magazine themes I’ve ever seen is the ‘GoMedia’ theme. It is perfectly optimized blog, specifically made for magazine based tech blogs. ‘Latest Video’ section is very rare in the blog themes, but with ‘GoMedia’ theme, you don’t need to check any external codes. The superb coding makes this a very useful SEO-optimized blog. The beautifully crafted control panel allows the customization from a single location and that too, without much effort. The theme is also filled with various custom widgets and multiple page templates. GoMedia costs 49$.

  1. Agazine

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

If you want your visitors to experience a unique modern interface that’ll differentiate your blog with other tech blogs, the theme ‘Agazine’ is perfect option for you. The home page is filled with all useful widgets so that you don’t need to look out for them separately. It’s also very easy to customize layout: just by using drag and drop options. The theme contains 17 custom widgets that are really so cool.

The colour and the content layout are easy to change according to your taste and hence, your tech blog is going to look just as you wish it to be. The cost of this theme is 58$.

  1. Sparkle

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

It is a modern magazine type blog theme that many bloggers are using currently. The theme involves unlimited scrolling feature so that you get maximum chance of getting a user into your posts.

The theme is very much useful as it is compatible with Woocommerce, bbPress and WPML which helps to include online shops, forums and multi-lingual section. The theme is also highly SEO-optimized.

This theme also provides good drag and drop interface which allow placing of layout in desired manner. Some of the popular features of this theme are off-canvas menu, AJAX powered post widget, integrated review system and a starting guide. Cost of this theme is 53$.

  1. Split

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

Split is a content-focused theme that’s primary use is to let users view maximum content at home page or any particular page. The user experience is generally very good in this theme and also the ad placements are made for maximum revenue possibility. Also, it’s possible to shift to traditional blog layout for the home page.

Adding custom elements in the blog is also quite easy. The theme is also loaded with lightbox animations, unlimited backgrounds, unlimited Google fonts and social media integration. It costs 45$.

  1. Oldpaper

10 Popular WordPress Themes for Tech Blog

This particular theme is based on Bootstrap framework and Animate CSS and is also decent for mobile devices. This magazine theme is composed of review system, 3 styles of rating, custom font and rich snippet support.

You can choose any one of the three types of header present for appropriate ad spaces. Other than the normal posts, audios, videos and quotes can also be published. The theme also supports Woocommerce. 58$ is the price of this theme.


Looking at the recent SEO scenario, the first priority of any theme must be responsiveness. The blog should look decent in all screen sizes to flourish. The simple layouts with good colour combinations are to be checked before buying any theme for your blog.

If you would like to recommend any other Technology WordPress Themes to our other readers, feel free to do that!

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