A successful pay-per-click or PPC campaign is a proposition of aligning the best strategies to pull off a profitable advertising drill based on the per-click billing system. PPC is an online advertising model which allows publishers to use the ad network to display advertisement on pay per click basis.

The rational approach to PPC advertising considers a plan, a better one.

It isn’t that easy to trigger the success of a PPC Campaign which is why world’s best SEO Experts, AdWords Consultants, and Online Advertising Gurus preach about the best practices as well as A/B testing.

A/B testing is an analysis system to differentiate the two cases that go through the same procedure and show up their individual results e. g. a website designer gets to design two website layouts for a company, and the company runs both layouts for the equal period of time to analyze which converts better, and ultimately finds one of them converting well.

In Online Advertising arena, there are certain elements required to see the drastic results—and, of course, to dominate the competition.

Ever wonder why some companies keep on using the online advertisements?

Have you seen that few brands come with a new ad design every month?

It’s all because these companies want to continue the impact they have started using the online advertising—they want to keep the momentum building, they continue to come with ad campaigns again and again to ensure that they come with better results with every campaign.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads Certified Professional, Hayley Coutinho, explained the mistakes that most advertisers make, and it’s extremely necessary to understand that what leads you to the wrong path and what makes your PPC advertising campaign successful.

In order to make any PPC campaign successful, one has to understand and clarify the following elements:

  • Goal definition

What’s your goal? If a brand knows the intent of its PPC advertising, then it would make a difference, besides that, the common perception of an ad campaign would be to reach out to the new audience and gain more customers… but, it tickles a question in the mind about the coherence of ad design with the purpose.

  • Target audience

The purpose to emphasize a lot on target audience is because reaching out to the right people and keeping the unnecessary traffic off the road are necessary things to do—Advertisers should understand that designing the right campaign and opting the appropriate signals would take them closer to the success of the ppc advertising campaign.

  • Territorial boundary

Territorial targeting isn’t a new thing – Since online advertising has a massive outreach in terms of capacity and approach, so it becomes essential to decide whether or not to target specific countries. Local SEO is a similar strategy in the entire different phase of internet marketing which allows SEOs to target specific and local audience.

7 Steps that Make a Successful PPC Ad Campaign

The launch of a PPC Ad Campaign doesn’t end up the story—It actually starts things up for you. It’s quite tough to predict that the first ever ppc campaign would bring fruitful results for you, which is why there is an important concept of A/B testing in online marketing. In order to steer the wheels, follow these steps to get started with PPC advertising:

Step #1: Choosing the Platform

Opting the advertising platform is a first step to break the ice. Google AdWords is known as the world’s most popular PPC advertising platform. Advertisers would understand along with their experience of online advertising that why to use PPC ad networks or why they should go for CPM Advertising. It’s all about decision making upon experience. Alternatives to AdWords are Chitika, PocketCents, and BidVertiser.

Step #2: Defining the Keywords

Keywords are vital. Keywords selection becomes an essential part of the ppc campaign because it leads your campaign forward. Mostly people use keywords (in advertising) that they think their prospective customers would use.

AdWords Keywords Planner helps advertisers to analyze the keywords performance, demand, and average ppc rate in the local currency. Some other freemium and paid products such as Free Keyword Tool and Keyword Tool are also known as keyword related tools.

How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

Step #3: Campaign Budget Allocation

The budget allocation not only gets your cash rolling into your ad account, but also lets you decide how much you want to spend on a daily basis. The budget allocation defines for how long you want to run your ads.

It’s a fact—the more you spend on ads, the better results would come out. Google Adwords Experts and Internet Marketing Consultants suggest that try to run different campaigns—The purpose is to split the budget into various campaigns rather than the whole one in a single campaign. Not only it helps you to understand which ads performs better, but also helps you to understand the audience behavior against a certain type of ad, which would ultimately helpful for the long-run.

Step #4: Ad Design Selection

An online advertiser can’t pull off a successful ppc ad campaign without designing an attractive banner ad. Use graphic tool Canvas for that or try your favorite graphic designing software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Banner Snack helps you to get your ad banner designed without any hassle. It’s a famous online service and one stop shop for purchasing high-quality banner ads. Choose your favorite ad design from dozens of available banners with customization facility.

How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

20dollarbanners offers a creative banner design service which starts from $20. It provides ad banner designing for various types of advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll etc.

Step #5: Competition Analysis

At this step, one has to find out about the competition against the niche and keywords. When an advertiser selects his/her keywords, the very next thing he/she has to check is the competition against that keyword.

Although pricing is another important thing while choosing the keyword for a ppc campaign, but competing for high-competition keywords would cost you much and land you less benefit. Online advertising experts suggest long-tail and low-competition keywords.

SEMrush is one of the best online tools to analyze site ranking, keywords analysis, site audit, and competitor’s ranking. It’s one of the most trusted and used SEO tool by companies around the world to keep an eye on their keywords ranking and SERP.

HitTail is another software for SEO reporting and keywords analysis which does the pretty much same job, but it doesn’t provide as in-depth reporting as SEMrush does.

How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

Step #6: A/B Testing with Campaigns

In order to achieve the best results in ppc advertising, every campaign runner has to do an A/B testing in order to find out what exactly works and what doesn’t make advertiser through.

Ilana explained it nicely on Retargeter’s Blog about A/B testing. Mostly A/B testing concept is recalled for landing pages to test the best performing ones or in the website designs to find out which one has got a better chance to generate more leads and conversion.

In PPC advertising, an A/B testing scheme is surely about Ad designs, colors, ad content etc.

How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

For instance, daraz.pk, a major e-commerce store from Pakistan, has been running ads through AdWords and using different ad sizes and designs. They can easily study and analyze through their ads dashboard that which particular ad design (in 300px x 250px size) is getting better results in terms of clicks and conversion.

Disruptive Advertising also provides conversion rate, traffic, and analytics services to the companies. They’ve explained A/B testing using a simple image.

How to Run a Successful PPC Campaign?


Step #7 Analyze and Repeat

Once you have everything which makes you on the right track to keep running your ppc ad campaign, you need to keep analyzing your results, and optimizing the campaign to perform much better—Repeat the process of making your ppc campaign workable and sustainable.

Your Part

In this article, we have learned that using the right tools and gauging the strategy help you to get better and better in this area. Brands don’t end up after one or two campaigns, but they try to keep on coming with new campaigns until they find some high-converting ground for them.

What else would you do to make your ppc campaign successful? 

Have we missed anything which you would like to add?

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