This is a question in the mind of almost every WordPress Developer because when ever our WordPress Blog loads slowly, visitors avoid staying on it, as a result, our bounce rate increases.

Bounce rate factor effects the ranking of our website in Google and other Search Engines. Trust me, its a big problem! If we talk about mobile users, its almost impossible for them to load sites that are not opening on a computer properly.

What should we do to load our website fast?

Firstly, try not to upload so many gif’s on your website. Besides that, you also need to install a plugin named as WP Fastest Cache. There are so many different plugins on WordPress for Caches, but most of them are kind of useless. The only plugin that works the best is WP Fastest Cache. Believe it or not, its the best plugin I’ve ever seen.

I always receive so many queries that how to set this plugin, well, you just need to check and uncheck the options shown in the picture below and press the submit button.

How to speed up loading time of your website

How to speed up loading time of your website

This plugin will not only load your website quickly, but it will also load your wordpress dashboard much faster. This is a secret plugin and not everybody knows how to use it, so, kindly help your friends and people who are having trouble with the loading speed of their websites.

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Other than W3 Fast Cache plugin, you also need to install WP Smush.itIt reduces the heavily sized images uploaded on your wordpress. It has an option to reduce the size of all the images together as well as individually.

WP plugin is extremely beneficial for the people who are having wallpaper and picture websites. Other than that, also make sure to check the size of images that you  are uploading on our wordpress. It should be small in size always.

After following all these above mentioned key points, you will not have any kind of problem in the loading speed of your website!

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