Every blogger’s dream is to see his blog at the top positions in the search engine results for which he applies several SEO techniques. No matter how much Google tries to keep its algorithm secret and complex, certain practices have been found working to push up the site’s rank.

101 social bookmarking sites list to increase your website rank

To push up the rankings, it is required to fit into the parameters that have been set by Google for evaluating any blog’s worth. Practices like building backlinks and setting up PBN blogs have been proved working by many, but it requires huge effort, time and full knowledge to avoid any kind of Google penalties.

However, there are several other easy ways to help your blog go up in rankings and get good SEO score. One of them is social bookmarking.

What is social bookmarking and how does it work?

Social bookmarking sites are those where you are free to add any content you like in the web and share it among the users directly or indirectly.

It is not just to target a single keyword as most of the SEO practices follow, but it’s the addition of content so that the people who follow you in that community get to know the content you have added in your catalog. It also allows your followers to like, comment and share your content to further audiences. Hence, if your post is exceptional, it has a possibility to be reached to a large portion of internet users through these social networking sites.

Should I add my blog links to every social bookmarking site?

Not really. It’s always best to post the links in high PR site as they will provide better visibility to your posts and will engage quality users. So it’s better to check the PR and Alexa rank to see the worth of a site and then focus upon it to extract the SEO power.

Are there any rules?

The only thing you need to keep in your mind is to avoid spamming. Most of the websites may ban your account if you are found doing it. For example, if you are flooding the website with the links to every page of your website at once or adding hundreds of link in a single day, you are asking for trouble. Hence, you should play fair and add links in the most natural way i.e. in a way a normal user would do. That means along with your own links, you should also like and share other user’s content just to show the site that you are an active user of community and not just the spamming bot pointing out to similar links.

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List of 101 High PR sites

Here is a complete list of most famous social bookmarking sites that you should make use of as soon as possible and help your site to succeed. Remember, more PR the site has, more power will be sent to your blog. Just bear with the website’s policy and avoid spamming.

PR 8 Sites

  1. http://pinterest.com
  2. http://digg.com
  3. http://delicious.com
  4. http://linkmarking.com
  5. http://reddit.com
  6. http://stumbleupon.com
  7. http://citeulike.org

PR 7 sites

  1. http://fark.com
  2. http://metafilter.com
  3. http://bibsonomy.org
  4. http://slashdot.org
  5. http://newsvine.com

PR 6 sites

  1. http://wikio.com
  2. http://humanforce.com
  3. http://dzone.com
  4. http://clipmarks.com
  5. http://a-1webmarks.com
  6. http://folkd.com
  7. http://smallbusinessbrief.com
  8. http://blinklist.com
  9. http://blogmarks.net

PR 5 sites

  1. http://newsmeback.com
  2. http://maple.nu
  3. http://wirefan.com
  4. http://buddymarks.com
  5. http://designmoo.com
  6. http://newsmeback.com
  7. http://wirefire.com

PR 4 sites

  1. http://myhq.com
  2. http://linkatopia.com
  3. http://clipclip.org
  4. http://popscreen.com
  5. http://1888pressrelease.com
  6. http://kirtsy.com
  7. http://popscreen.com
  8. http://worldpharmanews.net
  9. http://blogospherenews.com
  10. http://designfloat.com
  11. http://medical-articles.net
  12. http://cloudytags.net

PR 3 sites

  1. http://blogbookmark.com
  2. http://craftjuice.com
  3. http://bharatwaves.com
  4. http://sturvs.com
  5. http://totalpad.com
  6. http://bookmarksync.com
  7. http://xulnews.com
  8. http://afunpark.com
  9. http://business-planet.net
  10. http://pr4links.com
  11. http://startaid.com
  12. http://indiamarks.com
  13. http://bmaccess.net

PR 2 sites

  1. http://dekut.com
  2. http://ipopu.com
  3. http://exceptnothing.com
  4. http://digg3.com
  5. http://webmaster911.com
  6. http://votetags.info
  7. http://eviplist.com

PR 1 sites

  1. http://iidigg.com
  2. http://seoswamy.com
  3. http://clickfor.net
  4. http://mettablog.com
  5. http://spotback.com
  6. http://easymash.com
  7. http://buzzingtopics.com
  8. http://worldoftags.com
  9. http://ysome.com
  10. http://yoosubmit.com
  11. http://mytitbits.com
  12. http://qazee.com
  13. http://pipinews.com
  14. http://bookmark4you.com
  15. http://socialsubjects.com
  16. http://webdesigndefinitions.com
  17. http://squigglr.com
  18. http://latestbookmarks.com
  19. http://thehottestlinks.com
  20. http://oidobarra.com
  21. http://jackpea.com
  22. http://beamark.com
  23. http://searchwhat.info
  24. http://yehiapress.com
  25. http://sociopost.com
  26. http://nulify.com
  27. http://clickuplink.com
  28. http://wedelia.com
  29. http://scalespro.com
  30. http://cenq.com
  31. http://clixwlix.com
  32. http://hillera.com
  33. http://esocialbookmarks.com
  34. http://tweet-this.com
  35. http://addblogurl.com
  36. http://ulavu.com
  37. http://pipinews.com
  38. http://spotback.com
  39. http://digimoe.com
  40. http://blurpalicious.com
  41. http://pinoymug.com

Most of these sites have been tested by us for several blogs and they have worked pretty well. We are able to see the increased ranks and better traffic. These are not the only such sites in the internet. You can find more if you search through the web. Your focus should be at the high PR social bookmarking sites.

Important Notes about how to use

It is highly recommended to keep adding new links as soon as you publish a new article in your blog. As you keep following this practice, your links will be much more visible, both to the potential audience and search engines. This is also the technique used by most of the bloggers to get their new pages indexed by search engine instantly.

It’s always better to follow some high PR bookmarking sites and remain active there, as it will help you to reach a wider audience and will enhance the chances of getting your posts viral.

Also the links you get from these high PR sites (no matter do-follow or no-follow) will help your SEO in over-all performance and will raise your site ranking for several keywords and will add authoritative value in a long run.


Whenever you use any SEO practice like this, it’s best to apply the knowledge into practice and then wait for results. These observations will help you understand the pros and cons of any practice.

By using these bookmarking websites, you may not see instant results as search engines need time to index the pages where your links are added and hence, you should at least wait for two to four weeks before getting to any conclusion.

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