Facebook ads are becoming extremely popular these days and it has a very good reason. The reason is that businesses have witnessed pretty much successful results from this sort of an advertising format. However, many people find it very difficult to create ad campaigns, which is why, I have tried to explain each and every step in detail. Hope it helps!

How can you avoid getting banned on Facebook Ads Account?

Based on my personal experience with FB Ads, following you must take below mentioned precautions before starting your first Facebook Ad Campaign:

  1. Make sure that your Facebook Account Name is same as your Credit Card / Paypal Payee Name.
  2. Secure your account with 2 factors authentication.
  3. Don’t login your Facebook Account from multiple and different locations.
  4. Don’t Spam or use bulk posters in groups or pages with this account.
  5. Don’t create too much developer app keys with this account.
  6. You must read this Case Study to get best results for each and every campaign that you launch.
  7. If you know any other precautionary tip, don’t forget to add via comment in this tutorial to help our readers.

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1) Ads Campaign Manager

First of all, go to Facebook Ads Campaign Manager or checkout the below shown screenshot.

create fb ads

2) Objective for your Campaign

Facebook has got a very powerful treatable objectives setup for any kind of an Ad campaign. As you can see in the next screenshot, here you can setup different type of ad campaigns. Now, let me show you, how can you boost a Facebook Fanpage Post using Facebook Ads. Simply, go to Boost your posts > Select Your Page > Select any Post already published on your page or create a new post with + button and press Continue.

boost page posts


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3) Your Ad Account Details

Just for the sake of formality, enter your account location, currency, local time and Ad Account name in the 2nd step.

fb campaign details

4) Targeted users for your Campaign

Before moving towards the next step, I will again recommend you to check this article to run Facebook Ads for as low as 0.01 cent and get maximum results from it.

In the next step, select specific people to target as detailed below.

  • Location: Select 1 or as many countries as you can that you want to target.
  • Age/Gender: Select your targeted people depending on your ad type and gender type.
  • Language: You can select any language or multiple languages to target.
  • Interest: Lets suppose, if you are setting up a campaign for Fashion related page or a product,  you need to select only fashion related interests. In the below shown screenshot, I am going to target Facebook users for a Search Engine Optimization related tutorial named as “How to Create Manual Whitehat Backlinks

fb ads setup

5) Target with Specific Activities and Budget:

In next step, select the targeted behaviors. For example, I selected following 3 type of behaviors for your guidance.

  • Facebook Page Admins: Any Facebook user, who owns a single Facebook page, will be able to see your ads.
  • Online Spenders (Active): Any Facebook user, who has recently purchased any product through Facebook ads will be able to see your ads.
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Facebook users that are logged in through Smartphones and Tablets will only be able to see your ads.
  • Connections: Here you can target only those people on the entire Facebook database that are not present on your page fans already.

How much you want to spend?

Here is another important part for every facebook marketer.

  • Budget: You can enter any specific budget amount for per day or whole time.
  • Schedule: Here you can start your ads from today or schedule it for any other time or an event.
  • Bidding: You can select your ad engagements type here.

fb ads cost

Pricing: As you can see in the screenshot, my budget is just $3 per day and I have optimized it for 0.06$ per 1000 impressions, which means, my ad will be displayed for approx. 50,000 times per day for 3$ only. As far as you keep spending a good budget in your ads account, you will be able to reduce the minimum bid amount.

fb ads cpc

Optimize Facebook Ads for Clicks: Here you can set CPC (Cost Per Click) value automatically or manually. In the screenshot, my max bid per click value is $0.03, which means that I can target approx 100 clicks only for $3 :(. But, if you have already spent few hundred dollars in your Facebook Ads account, you can even set this minimum CPC value as 0.01$.

fb ads bid

6) Ad Preview and Placements:

Here you can target the specific Facebook users.

  • Desktop News Feed: Your ad will be visible to PC/Laptop users.
  • Mobile News Feed: Your ad will be visible to Mobile/Smartphone/Tablet users.
  • Right Column: Your ad will be visible on Facebook’s right side only.

You can keep these multiple or single option for showing your ads to Facebook users. After everything is done, press green Pace Order button.

fb ads behaviour

7) Payment Methods:

  • Country: It should be same as your CreditCard / Paypal address.
  • Credit or Debit Card: If you are going to run Facebook Ad Campaign, using Payoneer Master Card, select the same country, where it was shipped. If you dont have a Credit/Debit Card, get your Free Payoneer Card with Free 25$ Balance here.
  • Paypal: Suppose, if you’ve got a US Paypal or any other country’s account, select same in the payment method.
  • Redeem Voucher Code: Tick this if you have a voucher code. Don’t forget to check Free 50$ FB Voucher Code Secret Trick.

Recommendation: Make sure that your Facebook Account name is same as your Payment Payee name, either you are going to use a Credit Card or a Paypal.

facebook ads payments

Credit Card Details: Enter the Credit Card / VCC Details with the same country, where it was shipped. You can follow this tutorial to get a Payoneer Card + 25$ Balance for free.

fb ads creditcard payment

Paypal: If you are going to use Paypal payment method.

facebook ad paypal

Facebook Coupon Code: If you’ve already got a Facebook Voucher code, you can enter the code and press apply. However, here is a secret trick to Get Free 50$ FB Voucher Code that still works in some countries.

facebook ads redeem voucher

8) Facebook Ad Under Review:

You will land to the following page, once, your payment method will be added and your designed ad will be sent to Facebook Ads team for a review.

setup fb ads


After 10-15 minutes, you will get an Email from Facebook support with a subject “Your Ad has been approved” and you are done.

facebook ads approved


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