SEO-experts always have to re-analyze and and re-adjust their plannings and strategies every time there is any change being made in the workings of search engine algorithm. In Accordance with Moz, from last 3 years, there has been (83) major changes in search engine’s algorithm. The most problematic thing about these changes are that they cannot be predicted by any means because of which, we have no other option than just follow the trends and go in some sort of a direction.

Check out some very important things to expect for SEO in 2015:

My very first point in the list of “Important things to expect for SEO in 2015” is the responsiveness factor:

1. Give more importance to Mobile users than Desktop users:

A year ago, it was just a trend, but now, it has become a reality! A simple rule it is: Make your website responsive for mobile users or you are gonna left behind. These days, almost each and every business have started to follow this rule because they know how important it is for them to stay in competition with other big companies in the world. As far as the studies are concerned, as much as 74% mobile users have made use of search engine to shop the everyday items along with (83%) that were looking to make “purchase-that-day” & (55%) within-the-hour.

What To Expect For SEO In 2015?

2. Link vs Relationships:

(Relationships) are the new form of backlinks. The goal that you need to achieve in the year 2015 should be to to focus more on building (relationships) with the top industry-influencers. Reach them out & take their advices. Find out opportunities & also praise their point of views. The best thing you can do is to follow their social media profiles on G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc and keep retweeting, +1 and like their postings. They are definitely going to help you out if, you are gonna appreciate their work and show your respect to them.

What To Expect For SEO In 2015?

3. Semantic search:

Targeting keywords is now an old thing because these days, Google is focusing more on the searches that are in a conversational-tone. Which means that now, you will have to think more about (search queries) and the words that you use along with your keywords while, writing creating a post.

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What To Expect For SEO In 2015?

4. Switching from HTTPS to HTTP:

In the year 2014, a slight boost was given to the secured sites on Google. However, it might not have affected the global searches a lot, but sooner or later there will be an increase in percentage. Google has also publicly announced that they will encourage the owners of the websites to move from (HTTP-to-HTTPS) to give more secured search results to the users.

5. Author Rank:

Google is always looking to provide the best of the best searching experience to its users. For this purpose, they have found a way to grade “writers”. Google does all this with the help of (rel=author) tag.

According to Google, if a writer produces a sort of content that people find interesting and valuable and has a great following, his posts should be ranked higher, no matter what the authority of his/her website is.

Now, coming towards the year 2015, you will need to build your (author-authority) from now.

What To Expect For SEO In 2015?

There are many other best SEO practices that have not changed yet & will also not change in the year 2015, but the main question that you need to ask yourself is that: How much more I need to improve in order to provide value to my readers?

If there is anything else you would like to tell us regarding SEO in 2015, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section

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    Hello im working and doing seo of my site since few months and almost have placed backlinks in hundreds, now my question is that when google rank my site and how many backlinks I will place for google page rank 2 or 3. My content is 95% original but im sharing some posts of other sites with their name and link, plz tell is this effected on my site SEO? Plz guide what should I do for page rank 3 ?


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