Some people have got so many different websites and not all of them are successful. So, what are we going to do with those unsuccessful website? Well, we are going to sell it straightway without wasting a single minute.

Check out the method:

I have seen that people throw their websites into junk because they feel that they have no value at all, but trust me, these websites can earn you a bit of money. No matter, if you have used a spinner on your website or translations content, still, its worth it for lots of people all around the world. Flippa being at the very top of the website auction websites, it will find out good customer for you!

However, Flippa will cut a small amount when your website will get sold out. Frankly speaking, it’s pretty much a fair thing and they deserve this small amount of money.

Visit this link (https:// flippa. com/sell) and select whether your website is a starter or an established website. You can also sell a domain or an app on Flippa. Even if your website has got 30 to 40 articles in it, sell it! doesn’t matter if it earns you something or not. You can still get a decent price for that.

How to sell your website on Flippa for free

How to sell your website on Flippa for free

You will get 3 more options in which you will have to select (Classified Listings – Free). Check out the image below:

How to sell your website on Flippa for free

How to sell your website on Flippa for free

There will be a small verification process in the end to make sure that you re the owner of that particular website that you are selling.

After submission, wait for a good offer and generate some income straight away. You can also do  kind of business by making websites with 25 to 30 articles in it and then sell it on this platform. Isn’t that a good deal?

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