I always prefer working on evergreen topics because no one else can win the race of becoming as lazy as I am. Now, you are definitely going to ask me that how is it actually possible to work less and earn huge?

Well, it is possible because there is one thing, which is liked by almost each one of us because of its attraction and many other reasons. Without wasting your time, lemme tell you what I am talking about..

The magical wallpapers!

Can you please give few examples please?

Umm, sure, why not?

Situation 1:

  • You can select your domain name by searching a popular celebrity keyword (No matter, if he/she is an actor, an actress, a sports man, a singer, etc) with the help of any keyword research website. For example: Mathirahdwallpapers.com
  • Write 20 to 30 high quality articles on that particular celebrity along with HD wallpapers
  • Do proper SEO by making use of SEO by Yoast.
  • Give it a social boost on a regular basis.

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Situation 2:

  • Keep publishing wallpaper posts on as many celebrities as you can, for example:

Sonam Kapoor HD wallpapers 2015

Shahid Afridi HD wallpaper 2015,


  • Write 300 words of article in every single wallpaper post that you create.
  • By using situation 2, you will keep getting traffic on a regular basis even if you only post on your website once in a blue moon.
  • Keep boosting it socially and do proper SEO.

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Note: You can use a general wallpaper domain name for this purpose, for example: hdwallpapers.com, wallpapersspecial.com, wallpapershd.com.

Believe it or not, wallpapers are loved by almost every body, depending upon its quality and topic selection; and the most amazing thing about these kind of posts is that, people keep searching it on a regular basis, no matter what the situation is.

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