Many people have asked me how we can write in Urdu on Facebook, WordPress and on any picture. So here we go!

There is an online based application, on which you can simply write any sentence in roman urdu and it will automatically generate text in urdu font with in few seconds.

To tell you the truth, I hate software like Inpage and others because they are not easy to use and at the time when we are in hurry, nothing really works for us.

Other than that, if you think there is an error in the urdu text, you can simply click on that pariticular word and it will give you 5 to 6 options from which you can select the one you think is correct.

Now, here comes a secret trick!

what I do is, I press the print screen button, once  urdu text appears and after opening it in Adobe photoshop, I remove the white background from the back and insert it on any picture I want to use. Furthermore, you can also copy this urdu text in your WordPress or Facebook.

You can also take a screen shot of urdu text with white background and insert it on your picture with the help of Pixlr online appication.

Secret Trick To write in Urdu in WordPress and Facebook


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  1. Shabina Siddique

    You know if you go in google translator, select Urdu and start writing Urdu words in English alphbets, it will convert it to Urdu and this is same for all other languages.


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