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Secret Trick to Make Money by Video Marketing

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  • Create as many videos as you can!
  • Open Clickbank website to get (affiliate links) that matches the videos you’ve created.
  • Open Google keyword tool & create a list of (keywords) with low competition, in accordance with the products that you are looking to target.
  • Search the term “Top video sharing websites”. (I myself prefer Youtube)
  • Start uploading your videos and adding affiliate links somewhere in between the description with the help of  short URL’s .

Note: Use one Google account only.

  • Use keywords in description, title & tags
  • Now, make your video viral on different social media networks
  • Wait for at least seven to ten days & then check the rankings of every single video in “google” with the help of keywords that you have used in your videos.
  • Choose the video which is ranking at the very top to create some backlinks of it via forums & blogs that are working on a similar niche as yours, after that, write some content in web 2.0 Blogs & embed your video in it.
  • Wait seven to eight days more & check whether your other videos have been ranked or not, if they have, you can start creating backlinks of them as well.
  • After waiting for four weeks, change the title, tags & description of all the videos that have not ranked well(keep repeating this process again and again as per need).
  • Don’t forget to set the approval of your youtube comments to “manually” and check them and reply on a regular basis.
  • Keep creating more and more videos, rank them up & repeat the process mentioned above.
  • Check the rankings of your videos on a monthly basis & work hard on creating backlinks as much as you can.
  • Visit marketplaces like”warriorplus” & check our the calendar. Now, work on the upcoming products before it gets launched. The reason why we are doing so is that people normally love to search for products before making purchases.

Let me give you an example:

If your product is n Apple watch, you can create videos with a title “Apple watch review” or “Do not buy Apple watch before watching this video”

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