Managing credit cards is an external chatter that passes by our ears almost every day, but making money out of that… well it’s not always too viral. Now wipe off those beads of sweat from your forehead because we are going to guide you through this tunnel which terminates at some colossal bags of bucks. So Americans, let’s give it a kick start!

Secret Trick to Make Money By simply Signing Up For Credit Cards

Building Credit Card History:

One needs to reflect the element of credibility in their credit card history in order to wash off any elements of doubt that banks could spot on. Banks collect credit card reports from three major firms namely Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. These companies cast an eagle-eye on your transactions and generate a report based on it. But if you are a fresh credit card holder like me then you need to mark your own history by yourself- I mean credit card history. Therefore, at the very first instance, the idea of acquiring a bank loan struck my mind, but at the very next moment I realized that no bank will issue me any sort of loan without examining my credit card history (which was badly needed then). However, I worked out pragmatic solution to get out of this quagmire. And the solution was to get a secure credit card which worked in the same way as a pre-paid card but banks report it as a credit card. For instance, I pay $200 for acquiring a credit card, then bank will allow me to have a credit limit of $200. All I need to do is timely payment of my monthly bills. This will ensure a reliable credit card history.

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Sign-up bonus:

On every credit card approval, banks in the US offer pocket-friendly bonuses as cash refund, reward points or miles. Cash back/refund is similar to cash in hand which can be used to repay credit card bills while reward points and miles are useful for shopping vouchers, travel tickets and hotel bookings etc. One could easily get a bonus ranging from $100 to $500 depending upon the credit score and credit history.

Add flying colors to your credit scores:

Credit scores are immensely significant for every second credit card holder. This score ranges from five-hundred to eight-hundred and determines that how responsibly and efficiently you utilize your credit card. Now let’s skim through some ways which would be helpful to shoot your scores with a sky-rocketing velocity.

Early bird catches the fly! Similarly early payment brings in impressive scores. Therefore, make sure you pay your due amount as soon as possible before it’s too late to escape from high interest rates charged by the banks on overdue.

Secondly, never over-utilize your credit card limit. Credit balance in range from 10% to 20% of over-all limits will be fine. If you are a dual credit card holder with a total limit of $1500, then utilization of $150 to $300 will bring up some flying credit scores in the air.

In a nutshell, you can earn a good and beneficial score by simply following the above mentioned steps and can win over a free Hawaii trip.

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