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Want a US based phone number? The very first horrifying picture that intimidates us is the affordability to acquire it. But that’s no more a plight. Here I am going to outline a comprehensively chalked out framework of how to attain a United States based phone number to connect to anywhere around the globe. And the best part being, that you don’t need to spend a single dollar even. Isn’t that flabbergasting?

Secret Trick to Get A Free US Phone Number For Verificaton purposes

So let’s begin the movie!

There are basically two primary approaches to this mind-boggling trick.


Initially, you need to register yourself at and fill all the related fields by entering your data. Now hit a click at the button namely “Create”, followed by the entry of your age and zip code of United States of America. Finally pick any number of your choice from the list and you are up with it. Cheers!


Let me inform you beforehand that this method may seem Greek to you outwardly but you don’t need open up the barrages of perspiration as I am going to lead you safely from this river of depression. Firstly you need to get a free US local phone number for incoming and outgoing calls. Now the actual game commences. Albeit only United States’ Citizens are permitted to avail this service but I will let you grab this golden bird from anywhere in this world.

As mentioned erstwhile, one need to possess a local US phone number. But if you don’t have one, it’s really not-so-worrying. All you need to do is to sign up at callcentric/login. Now fill in all the fields with the respective information, verify your email and enter your own address. You’re almost done. Now click “I Agree” button and then navigate to “Go To My CallCentric”. In fraction of seconds, you will see a CallCentric number under your username. Huh… now open  and fill in the following informationas follows:

Choose the account type : SIP

  • Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: (253)
  • SIP username : Now insert your CallCentric # which will be akin to 1777*******
  • Host name or IP address :
  • And use previous email address and password which you used on and Click submit.

Now here’s the juncture to check your inbox. You will most probably be receiving an email from which will be holding your details. Now install express talk and select default option for entire screen. At the “SIP Setup” option, select “Yes, I already have a SIP account” and soon you will experience a successful login and your number will be registered automatically.

Fetching a US Google Voice Number

1- Sign in/ Sign up on
2- Hit a click on Get a Voice number then proceed further by tapping onto ”I want a new number”. Select any number of your choice, followed by creating a pin code to proceed further.
3- Now you need to enter your IPKall phone number at “Add a forwarding phone” and click continue. Now your number will await verification from Google. Therefore, in order to be verified, press “Call Me Now”.
4-Lastly you will receive a phone call from IPKall after which you will be verified. Now you can enjoy entire carte blanche to connect to your friend and relatives around the globe.

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