In this post, I will be telling you my secret trick to earn extra money from Fiverr.

Hope, you are gonna love it!


You can offer thirty secs of (voiceover) for five dollars.

Using Pets (for pictures and Videos)

If you are having pets in your house, you can earn real good money by using them in videos, signs, photos and many other things. Trust me, Fiverr loves these kind of things.

Secret Trick to Earn Extra Money from Fiverr

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Taking Pictures while holding a message/a logo or a sign:

You can make video testimonials by using this technique.

Advertizing logos on a car, on your body or anywhere else

Creativity is the only thing that Fiverr loves a lot, therefore you will have to play with this technique depending upon your customer.

Writing logo or a name in rice, soup or any other food item.

Sometimes, Fiverr even includes these type of gigs in its featured section, so try using it.

Sing Happy Birthday:

You can earn a lot with this gig, even if you don’t know how to sing properly. Believe it not, this gig can also work for people having terrible voices.

Tip: You can also wear any costume and sing Happy birthday for your customer!

Brainstorm the Company slogans and names:

If you are little bit creative, you can offer as much as 20 unique company slogans or names for five dollars.

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