Wanna double your Fiverr earnings?

Well, you can do that by simply launching your Fiverr gigs on many other similar websites. Its damn too easy because you don’t have to work hard to create the entire gig from scratch again as its just a one time copy paste job!

The most amazing thing about these sites is that you can even earn more than $5 on it!

Lemme tell you the names of those Fiverr like websites now:

Secret Trick to Double your Fiverr Earnings

Zeerk.com – Zeerk.com comes at the very top in my list of Fiverr look alike’s because you can charge as much as 5, 1o, 15 or even 25 dollars from your customers on it!

TenBux.com – The only major difference in Fiverr and TenBux is that you need to charge 10 bucks in it from your customers.

UpHype.com – UpHype, another Fiverr alternative enables you to charge 8, 16 and even 24 dollars!

GigMe5.com – GigMe5.com works exactly the same as Fiverr as it also allows you to charge your customers 5 dollars only.

Also check:

Gigbucks.com – Gigbucks, works in a similar format, but allows you to charge 5 to 100 dollars per gig on its platform!

Microworkers.com – Micro jobs like Providing Facebook likes, rating videos on Youtube, etc are extremely popular on Microworkers.com. Give it a try!

JobsFor10.com – JobFor10 is no different from the sites mentioned above as it also allows you to charge your customers 5, 10 or even 20 bucks.

MakeAfiver.co.uk – Makeafiver.co.uk pays you in pounds! Yup, you are reading it correctly, I said pounds!

TaskArmy.com – On TaskArmy, you can sell same Fiverr gigs for as much as 99 freaking dollars! Isn’t that amazing?

7FreeLance.com – 7freelance.com is soon going to get launched and it will allow you to charge 7

JustAFive.com – JustAFive, as the name suggests, its also the same, however you can charge your customers 5, 10 and 20 dollars in it.

Dealerr.com – Dealerr.com is pretty much popular and it has an awesome looking layout with some cool gigs offered.

Gigswood.com – If you want to get paid the same day you complete your order, you can create gigs on Gigswood.com

Tenyt.com – On Tenyt.com, you can sell your gigs for minimum price of 10 dollars.

FiveOnes.com – Fiveones.com allows you to list your gig five to 20 dollars.

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