Following are some of my secret tricks to create successful paid Facebook posts:

Use HD Featured Image:

“HD images” is what people love the most. Besides that it also catches the attention of a Facebook user at the time when he or she is scrolling Home feed.

Secret Trick To Create a Successful Paid Facebook Posts

You should use an extremely powerful Hosting:

When your post is boosted on Facebook, there is a chance that your site may go down because of an immense traffic. Considering which, you need to use an extremely good Hosting Provider.

Also check:

Facebook 20% Image Rule:

Try to use a catchy one line statement:

A catchy one line statement at the bottom or top of your Facebook Featured Image will force your visitors to click on your post even if they don’t want to.

Follow latest Trends to create a Perfect Paid Facebook Post:

Latest Trends always produce pretty amazing results, however if you will go for ever green posts, they won’t attract people a lot.

For example:

  • Sports News
  • Politics Related News
  • Weather News regarding a storm or something,
  • Etc.

Target different events:

Targeting different events can generate massive results for you. Lets suppose, a Football worldcup is going underway and you boosted a post regarding Top 10 best Goals of last Football match.

Don’t go for a sexual content or something:

Sexual content might result in someone reporting your page or post. So, play carefully with it always.

Try creating a post in national language of country:

Believe it or not, it really works the best because people love to watch and read stuff in their own language.

Make use of videos and Pictures in your post:

Using Videos and Pictures in your post will definitely make a difference.

Try Targeting people of your own country:

The reason why I am saying so is that you know quite well about people with whom are living with, so why not target them, instead of going for people from other countries.

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