Are you searching for an easy way to promote your business? Do you wish to target multitudes via your Facebook ads? Or do you wish to increase your connectivity with your targeted audience?

The simple answer to all such question lies in your own hand. The simple method to do all this stuff is to increase the reach of your Facebook Ads and boost your Facebook Ad visibility. So let’s burst this secret open and explore new depths in the seas of advertisements.

#1: Use an immaculate image

Be cautious in choosing an image that is pertinent to your business. For instance, for hotel advertisement, an exquisitely built hotel will do perfectly fine. Many advertisers post an ad cluttered with unnecessary pictures that do nothing but harm your reach and targeted visitors badly. Another common mistake which advertisers make is to adorn their ad with some blue shades. Albeit your ad turns out to be a decent one, but throngs misread it as some Facebook related post and disregard it. Usually a border around an image turns out to be a traffic-magnet on your ad. It is also sagacious to use as minimum text as possible on your ad, which is further restricted by Facebook itself by their 20% rule for text in ad image. This means that text can occupy no more than 20% of the area on the ad frame.

Secret Trick to Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility

#2: Write Short, Attention-Grabbing Copy

Do you love to read detailed pamphlets? Majority’s response would not be affirmative since no one has got enough time to read those monotonous advertisements until they are catchy. So the prime rule being, make your ad catchy and enticing to grab up the attention of multitudes. Secondly, make it as precise as possible and try to entice the customers by writing your text in a nutshell. Facebook also helps you here by suggesting you to add a timeframe and a price (where required) and glue yourself to one call to action and create multiple ads with variant texts/description. Now test the various versions to examine which version benefits you the most.

Secret Trick to Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility

Basically, there are two different components of an ad, the headline and the text. Ad’s headline (clickable) is shown under the picture, the sidebar and even ahead of the text copy. Therefore, try to make the headline no longer than a single line-as short as possible (Let’s humorously cut it short for ASAP). Text is another component to be kept in a nutshell and should be so precise that the visitor wouldn’t need to press the ‘See More’ button because only a few of many manage go beyond the ‘See More’ button and read further.

Secret Trick to Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility

Not only headlines and text, but on every second step in your ad, you should be cautious enough that your ad remains an ad, not an exhausting story of some national/multinational firm. So make it small to target big business. This is how it works.

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#3 Targeting the concerned audience

Suppose you run a school-based tuition center, and spend a substantial amount in advertising it. But what if it is mostly viewed by graduates or post graduates? It will be futile. No? The point being, that you need to target the audience who better know your business and posses a good taste in the relevant field so that they can better understand you and engage themselves in your business. So when targeting audience for your ad, don’t simply target males and females of a particular age bracket, but target the ones who will indulge themselves in your business and go on accordingly to target such people. Let’s see how?

Albeit targeting age and gender is one important job to perform but targeting interest is MOST IMPORTANT. Targeting interests by specifying the audience of your competitor’s page will bring you your required audience. For example, if you run a photography page, you will target audience of other photographers or photography pages. One common mistake which advertisers usually make is to target interest rather than the pages themselves which show up in interests.

Secret Trick to Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility

#4 Set Daily Budget

For increased visibility, choose daily ad budget rather than lifetime ad budget. Start off with $1 to$2 per day and gradually increase the daily ad budget.

Secret Trick to Boost Your Facebook Ad Visibility


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