Today, I am going to tell you a very interesting method to give a boost to your videos and rank it higher. Once, your video is gonna rank at 1st of 2nd page on Google, you will never have to look back again because its one of the best ways to earn huge amount of money.

Follow the steps and I swear, you will not face any kind of a problem in applying it:

Step1: You need to visit

Secret Trick To Rank YouTube Videos Quickly and get Free Views and Likes


Step 2: Create your account in it

Step 3: Go to the option that says “Upload image”

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Step 4: You need to upload s many as 2 or 3 funny pics to make your account look reputable in the eyes of 9gag.

Step 5: Wait for at least a day or two, until somebody starts sharing your pics.

Ste 6: Upload a youtube video of yours from the upload url option on 9gag website & don’t forget to tick very single option over there. Now, coming towards its title. you need to create really attractive, insane and interesting title for your video. For example, If your video is related to Facebook Hacker, your title can be “Omg, An 11 year old girl creates a software to hack (Facebook accounts)”

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Secret Trick To Rank YouTube Videos Quickly and get Free Views and Likes

If you wanna get more visits on your video, do make sure to upload one funny picture or a video everyday from a similar account because you need to show yourself as a genuine 9gag user.

By doing all this, the ranking of your Youtube video is gonna increase rapidly because of lots of views and embeds. Sometimes, people will also press the like button and comment on your videos.

Tip: You can try creating more than one 9gag accounts and post different video links on it.

Besides 9gag, you can also google “9gag alternatives” & use them to get more views and likes on your video.

Note: Video embeds help you to increase your video ranking as well as to increase your views.

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