Timing timing and timing! If you want your post to get ranked before any other website, you will have to react super quick.
People do not share this secret with other people because they are scared of losing their 1st spot, but we are now going to reveal it in front of you!

Check it out:

Timing Factor:

RULE: Who ever posts an article, a video or a picture about any particular service, event or a product first will get ranked on the first page! Isn’t that amazing?

Can You Please Give Me An Example?

Well, there are many websites that provide rates, release date, pics, specs and news about upcoming gadgets and when a product gets released, their post is already ranking on first page because of which they get massive traffic. You won’t believe, but even top giants like Mashable and Techcrunch also rank below these sites for sometime. I think their is no need to tell how good Mashable and Techcrunch are, but even they can’t compete websites that play with the timing thing.

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How should I play with timing?

Try to play smartly!  If you’ve got a tech website, you need to create a post just after you hear about launch of any specific gadget. That post should have the price of the product, specs, news, pics and features.

Your titles can be like:

  • iPhone 6 UK release date, price, specs and new features
  • iPhone 6 price, review, release date and features


How to Rank on First Page of Google

Trick: Even if you don’t have any of these above mentioned details, you can simply create a heading and write coming soon, for example:

Price: Coming soon 😉 But, please don’t forget to update it afterwards..

Do note that timing is not the only factor as far as the rankings our concerned because your site should also have good PR, good DA & trust.


People always like to watch live streaming of events like launch ceremonies of games, smartphones, etc. There fore, you need to build your things at least 2 or 3 months earlier. (find an event calendar on the net to cover events)

You’ll get FREE backlinks:

If you are the one who is breaking news in the market, there is a chance of getting backlinks from many other blogs because they will credit you for that news. As a result, your ranking will increase more!

By the way, from where should I get the latest news about product launch, and upcoming events?

You need to follow the CEO’s of top brands in the world like Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft and many others. You might get shocked, but these people are more active on Google+ and Twitter, so, follow them on these two platforms. Besides that, Reddit is also a gem as far as breaking news is concerned.

Anything else?

Yes! you also need to check out what people have been searching in previous year because people are going to search the same the new year as well. For example: Happy Valentines Day 2014, Chinese New year 2014, Best wordpress templates for 2014, etc. Simply, change the year to 2015 and keep the remaining long tail keyword same as the last year.

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Note: After the product gets launched, your post will remain at the top only for 20 days because after that all other technology giants will start taking your 1st page rankings. Which means, you need to convert these 20 days into a massive income!

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1. Your site should have good DA and huge amount of backlinks, otherwise, it will be difficult for you to compete with top brands.

2. Your articles should be having at least 1000 words of well-optimized content and pictures in it.

3. Same thing applied for Youtube video as well.

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