Firstly, I would like to tell you that we have already covered so many different articles on Youtube like Secret Trick To Rank YouTube Videos Quickly and also Get Free Views and Likes, YouTube Ranking Guide 2015, Secret Trick To Make Quick Videos And Earn Big Money Easily and Important Tricks to Play Safely with ‪Youtube.

We recently created a poll in our group BloggingMadness by asking a question from our members that (what else they want to ask from us) and we found that most of the people were looking for a trick to monetize Youtube Videos without copyrights infringement. So, here it is:

Remember, Youtube can detect your video as well your audio. Therefore, we need to keep a check on both before monetizing it.. 


There are many songs available on the net that you can monetize without copyright infringement, but for that, you need to use Audacity software. Its a free software that can bring many kinds of changes in any particular song! Lemme tell you that its extremely easy to use, but still if you want, you can learn how to use Audacity from any tutorial available on Youtube.

Secret Trick To Monetize Youtube videos without Copyrights Infringement

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Its not just Audacity, but you can also use many other software available on the net to manipulate audio.

Now, coming towards how we can monetize our videos without copyright infringement:


There is only one way to manipulate videos. “Cropping videos”! It doesn’t actually matter, which video cropper you are using, but I myself prefer using Camtasia. Now, lemme tell you what video cropper actually does!

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It simply crops a portion of video from then actual frame and makes another video for you. There are also many other options that you can use to edit videos, but for Youtube monetization, only cropping works the best.

Secret Trick To Monetize Youtube videos without Copyrights Infringement

Remember, there is no other way to monetize your videos without copyright infringement other than cropping because as far as using effects, hue saturation, flipping and other things are concerned, they are totally useless.

Camtasia is a complete video editing software and video crop is just one of its option. Click here to learn how to use it.

Alert: Don’t forget to remove logos from the video (simply crop it!).

Once, your audio and video becomes unique with the help of audacity and Camtasia, its now time to upload it on Youtube and monetize it Asap.

Note: You can also use Vidcrop PRO to crop videos

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  1. Abhijith

    Hey, is there any way to check if the video is infringing on copyrights??

  2. Umer Iftikhar

    And there is only one confusion left. If I want to target football or any other sports video, youtube catches me. So, cropping and re-framing may work? Like cropping videos and zooming out or what ever. But still youtube caught me… I removed audio from video, I used youtube licensed audio, cropped different clips of different videos after downloading the same from youtube.

  3. Ameer HamZa

    what if we play a video on our system and capture it with camtasia then stop that video in the half and play another video and create one video with two different videos, also we change the music, what u say would it be a unique?

  4. ejaj momin

    sir can i use any popular video for cropping ? so is there any possibility of

    catching frm youtube authority


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