First of all, let me tell you guys that today i’m going to tell you something really simple! You might have seen this before, but trust me, you won’t be aware about its amazing benefits.

Check it out:

Yes, its Google Hangout! Hey hey hey…its not just a chatting application made by Google, but its something more than that!

You can use Googlehangout for live activities as well as record and upload it on Youtube directly. Once, you have uploaded it, you can make changes like making it private or unlisted in accordance to your will. These settings help you out when you are making a recording of any training call or a coaching for paid customers and you simply don’t want it to be viewed by general public.

How To Make Quick Videos And Earn Money From It

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Some of the most important features of Google Hangout that can help you to make money are:

How To Make Quick Videos And Earn Money From It


You can demonstrate & also record your product review for the purpose of affiliate marketing or any thing else.

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You can watch videos along with the people present in your Hangout together.


With the help of cameraman, you can control a person who is visible & also zoom in to concentrate on a single person.

Google Effects:

Well, this cool feature lets you enjoy by doing some silly stuff like using glasses, hats, mustaches, etc.


By using capture, you can take pics of people within your Hangout.

Audience question and answer session:

With this feature, you can answer the questions from any member in the audience. Simply install a plugin to use it.

Control Room:

Wanna do some branding stuff like adding company’s name or a logo? then control room feature is best for you. It also helps you to keep a track on all your YouTube comments.

You can also install various apps in Google Hangout, if you want more cool stuff!

Check out this complete tutorial on how you can make videos through Google Hangout:

How To Make Quick Videos by bloggingheat

How can we make money with Hangouts!!!

One can use Hangouts in many different ways like Affiliate marketing, providing services, paid webinars, for the creation of a product, etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

Firstly, you need to find out products that are soon going to get launched by visiting websites like WarriorJV. com or MunchEye. com. You can request for the promotion of any of the products mentioned in the huge list by simply joining it for free.

If you feel like promoting any launch, you will have to approach vendor & ask for a review copy, so that you can make a review-video for its launch. Some of them will give you the access of a review and some of them won’t, however, more the videos you rank, more the popularity you will gain and as a result, no one will ever refuse to give you access.

Remember, if your (Hangout-video) gets ranked on 1st page of Google on keywords like (Product-Name-Review), you are going to get massive
amount of free traffic on it.

If you are able to get the affiliate link of any product, you can record a good looking screen with the help of simple “walkthrough” of the members-area and get ranked on the first page of Google search, trust me, you can make a great deal of commissions from it!

NOTE: Do keep in mind that Google is the owner of both Youtube as well as G+ Hangouts because of which, it favours all kinds of hangout videos over all other videos on Youtube and ranks them without any kind of optimization at all.

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Google allows us to do all this cool stuff for absolutely no cost at all, No more screen capture software required anymore, isn’t that fantastic!

  • You are simply require to start a Google hangout, in which, you don’t need to invite anyone, click the record button and name it to any keyword.
  • After that, insert an affiliate link with in the description on Youtube, once, your recording has been completed. (Very simple)

Don’t forget to insert a watermark any where on your Youtube video, so that, no one copies it. You can also buy a particular product or a course, learn every thing about it and create an awesome looking case study on it.

You can also read Youtube Ranking Guide 2015 on BloggingHeat to get more ideas about how you can rank your Youtube videos.

Yes, you guessed that right! record it and get ranked on the first page!

Remember, The more Hangouts you are gonna do, more the sales you are gonna get! Lets suppose, you started making several videos every week, soon, you will become the owner of lots of different online properties giving you a decent income forever!

Its like a one time work that will pay you off twice, thrice and even every single month, isn’t that cooooooool enough!

Another idea I will give you here is to promote “evergreen” webinars. Trust me, there are many of them, if you can find it out. They can earn you a decent amount of commission.

You just need to have a go through on the “webinar”, take few notes and record your own review! e.g Webinar Swaps.

Hangouts For Service Providers:

As I have told you previously that Youtube prefers Google Hangout videos that are uploaded directly on Youtube and ranks it quickly without any requirement of SEO and stuff, you can make your own video tutorials with the help of screen share facility and rank your videos on many popular topics like How To, etc.

You can also earn money by doing private webinars with the help of Google hangout, record it and sell that private link afterwards.

I have told you all kinds of different ways to utilize this amazing service by Google and now it completely depends on you, how you use it

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