People normally pay to use apps, but have have you ever heard that there are some apps that pay its users? Nope? you haven’t?

Well, lemme share it with you then!

Most of these apps requires you to watch TV, download apps, take photos or monitor your exercise, that is all!

Oh my God! really?


Following is the list of 6 apps that pays you money to use them:

Apps that can help you to make money:

Google’s Opinion Rewards:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

The first in my list is Google’s Opinion Rewards. This app is made by the company, which own’s (Android operating system).

You will get reward points, instead of cash that can be redeemed only when you are going to make any purchases on Google Apps, Google Movies, Google Books and other items from play store.

After installing and signing up, Google will ask you as much as 20 to 30 survey questions every single week. These questions are related to Google’s own products and users are mainly required to give their opinions and reviews regarding that.

Credits are between 0.1 cents & 2 dollars!

This app is only available on Android.

Become wealthy and healthy:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

This one is for me! -_- as I really want to loose weight and look smart! This amazing app named as Pact pays you if you achieve the goals set by yourself. However, if you don’t, you will have to pay to those, who have achieved.

This app is available for iOS as well as Android users.

ESPN Streak for Cash:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

This cool app (ESPN Streak for Cash) requires you to predict the (winners of sports competition) and the one who predicts correctly, wins a prize of huge amount!

So, if you are guy, with no skill, but a sports geek, you must try using it.

You can win around 1.2 million dollars of yearly prizes with the help of this app, however this app is only available on Android currently.

Watch TV or listen to music to get paid:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

If you are not a sports geek or a skillful person, you can still make money by watching TV and listenng music! isn’t that awesome?

You are simply required to open up this app (Viggle) & identify any of your (favorite TV or a music show) to get paid.

This app has also got a feature named as Viggle Live. It helps you to get points just by answering polls or questions and by staying online.

Later, you can redeem the points to get gift cards that can be used on different outlets.

This app is available on Android as well as iOS!

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Get paid for downloading apps:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

Wowie! This app pays you to download apps and do nothing else! Other than that, this app also pays you to complete a survey or watch a video, so, if you don’t want to download apps, you can choose the other options.

This app is only available for Android users.

Get paid to take photos:

Secret Trick to Make Money by using Apps?

Have you got a smartphone with you? If you do, thats great because an app named as Scoopshot pays you to take photos of different events taking place.

If you ask me, where are these photos going to be used, lemme tell you that!

These photo are going to be used on websites and many other medias.

This app is available for Android users only.

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