There are lots and lots of money making opportunities online, among which, blogging is the most rewarding and smartest way to make money online. Some people think that blogging requires a person to work entire day & night to earn money, but trust me, that’s not true at all because if you will start applying shortcuts, there will be no need to stay awake for nights just for the sake of earning money.

Let me give you an example of a (micro niche blog). Its a kind of blog that made me $180 per month from Adsense and as far as the Affiliate earning of this blog is concerned, it was around $100 per month, sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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Why one should start a (micro niche blog)?

Well, first of all, we should keep in mind that according to the google algorithm, a higher rank is given to the niche blogs. If you are looking to create a blog with high quality content on any particular topic, the chances are that you are gonna rank at the top most places on Google by leaving all other authority sites behind. You just need to create it once and automate the posting of the content to become totally free. The last thing you need to do is to wait for your money to get deposited in your bank account.

A complete guide to create a Niche based website that makes money

Secret Trick To Make Money Through Micro-Niche Sites and Google Adsense

Selecting a niche and a domain name:

Selecting a perfect niche is the most important thing that you need to do. You should only select a niche, on which you are well aware and can write easily. Besides that, also make sure, if its popular enough in the public. We will be making money through Google Adsense on this blog because of which, we should also select our topic by keeping two top paying CPC countries in mind. Yes, you guessed that right, I am talking about UK and US. As far as my topic
is concerned, I selected Cydia, which is a tool used to jailbreak iOS devices.

To do some quick research, I used LongTailPro Tool and it did worked for me really well.

Domain name, which I selected was Howz that? 😀

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Content planning and Keyword Research

To plan your content, you need to follow below mentioned things:

  • Select topics that will give you long term benefit.
  • Create a micro-niche website similar to what wikipedia is for that particular topic.
  • Select keywords that will drive traffic on your website along with good CPC rates.

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You also need to answer FAQ of that particular topic, rather than just using high paying cpc keywords.

FAQ’s can be like these:

  • What is the (topic)?
  • How can you use or install that (topic)?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of (topic)
  • Notable facts about that particular (topic)

Later, I also used SEMRUSH to search for keywords. I found some existing blogs related to my niche that were getting a lot of traffic and checked on which keywords those sites are getting all their traffic from. Thanks to SEMRUSH! May you live long, bro!

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Secret Trick To Make money through Micro-Niche sites and Google Adsense

I got more than 20 ideas for my micro niche website. Now, I’m gonna write 15 to 20 high quality ad evergreen articles that won’t expire till at least next 2 or 3 years.

How to setup a Micro niche blog?

While assuming that you already know how to create a blog on wordpress, let me tell you the list of tools that I have personally used to setup my blog. The list includes theme, plugin and many other important aspects that you need to understand before creating your first ever micro niche blog.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast (Best SEO plugin on this planet)
  2. Adrotate plugin to rotate your affiliate ads.
  3. Akismet to prevent spam comments.
  4. Auto post thumbnail to generate your featured images automatically.
  5. Floating social share buttons
  6. Google XML sitemaps to create your sitemap.
  7. Insights plugin to interlink your posts at the time of creating a postf
  8. Jetpack by WordPress to view stats within your wordpress dashboard and many other uses..
  9. ManageWP plugin
  10. No Self pings plugin will stop the self pinging.
  11. PushPress to index your posts quickly
  12. SEO friendly images plugin
  13. Feedburner A free email subscription service
  14. WP to compress your images.
  15. WP Fastest cache to increase the speed of your blog.
  16. Wptouch to make your blog mobile friendly.

Additional steps that you need to perform:

  1. Make your ON SITE SEO perfect.
  2. Focus on the quality of your content and use of keywords in it.
  3. Make some videos on Youtube and link it your blog.
  4. Submit your sitemap to all top search engines including, Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  5. Submit blog to following sites:

-Google webmaster tools
Google plus
-Google Analytics
-Blog Catalog
IMT website submitter

6.Use free logo maker to create your logo.

The main trick was to work very little and still make money from this blog. Therefore, I didn’t invest my time on branding of this blog. the only weapon, that I used was search engine traffic.

Check out the traffic report of this blog right from the day one:

Secret Trick To Make money through Micro-Niche sites and Google Adsense

Do, keep in mind that this blog contains only eighteen posts in total & I have not updated it for a month. However, I am currently writing few more articles to push even more traffic.

Other important things to do:

  • Create social media pages of your blog. (Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc)
  • No need to create backlinks or do any promotion

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In the beginning , I only used Google Adsense, but later, I also added 1 affiliate link that was related to (iPhone), which gave me $100 per month.

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