If you are looking to make money from Teespring, you will have to follow the below mentioned things to get imemdiate success.

Note: Below mentioned are some of my secret tricks that I have been using to earn thousands of dollars from Teespring.

Secret Trick to Make Money from Teespring

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How to select a niche and analyze what people are actually interested in and want to buy?

You will find a huge list of interests on https://www.facebook.com/search/interest/pages. For instance, cricket lovers, football lovers, bodybuilding, wine, beer, etc. The coolest part about these interests is that all of them are way too active and people are extremely passionate about it.

Secret Trick to Make Money from Teespring

Some of the main indicators to find successful niche:

– Your niche should be a passion
– People share it on their socal media profiles
– There must be an involvement of “Physical Products selling” in that niche (You can look for it on Amazon , Ebay , Google)
– People should already be making money in that niche.
– Try to choose Controversial topics such as “guns”

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How to find the most successful designs in your niche :

Well, you can take help of following resources to find the most successful designs in your niche:

You can also get some cool looking design’s from:

Targeting is a very important to get massive sales:

  • Brands (You can target brands that are only known by passionate people in that particular niche.
  • Products ( Most common products are books , clothing , movies , tools, accessories …)
  • Public Figures (public , private , contests)
  • Organizations
  • Charities
  • Sub Niches

BONUS: Another golden resource, which can give you tons and tons of conversions.

Go to : google.com/shopping

Look for brands with in your niche and select “high to low” . I normally target high price brands in the particular niche and it gives me fantastic results .

Split Testing :

It is another very important part to get success in tee business . You can split test your targets with the help of age interest and gender.

Note: If you are gonna put all the trash in one ad set, you will loose money .

Scaling :

I usually start ad sets with $20 each most of the time. The scenarios that you need to look at after spending $20 on ad are:

– In $20 ad (Make 3 sales ) Double your budget and make an excel sheet to analyze how much Return on investement you are getting.

– If you didn’t get sales and your ad results were awesome, you don’t need to worry a lot because it happens most of the time as the sales start kicking late, so you need to see the following details:

    1. At least 5 plus CTR
    2. 40 Website Hits
    3. Good Number of Picture Views
    4. likes and shares ( Remember, as per my experience, whenever a campaign gives you huge amount of likes, but very small amount of picture views and no website hits, it can be an indication that this niche is not going to work for you.

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