If you are good at speaking English, your half of the job is done. You might have heard about people earning from Udemy, well, it works a bit similar to that, but its not that much complicated like Udemy.

Check out, how it works?

Whats the relationship between Fiverr and Skype?

A good question that is! Umm, you might be thinking that its against the rules of Fiverr and we can’t give our contact details to Fiverr customers, but frankly speaking, you don’t have to worry about it!

Fiverr has already got a category of Lifestyle->Online Private Lessons, which you can also use, but I don’t think that its as popular as other Fiverr categories such as SEO, social media marketing, etc.

You can also check wide range of articles written on Fiverr:

So, what do you want me to do?

You just need to create a simple gig like:

I will tell you how to get massive traffic from Reddit

I will tell you how to find out long tail keywords

I will tell you how to make business logos

and stuff like that.

In description, you need to write down all the secrets that you are going to tell about.

Let me ask you a question:

If one person is selling an egg and another one is selling a chicken, what are you gonna buy to do a business?

Your answer is definitely gonna be “A chicken, obviously!”


So, the secret is, instead of selling logos, facebook likes, website traffic, start teaching people how to do it, while using the same categories and tags.

For instance, in the category of graphics->logos, you can actually sell gig of teaching how to create logos, in the category of social marketing, you can teach people how to get facebook likes.

Secret Trick to make money through Fiverr and Skype

Note: I am currently earning a lot by teaching same thing again and again! Isn’t that cool?

The only problem with Fiverr is that you are not allowed to share your contact details to anyone, but I have a solution for that!

You can send your skype details to your customer in a jpeg form! or you can also send your skype address like this: S.K.Y.P.E: alyshallwani

Note: You can also share your screen to teach people on skype

Secret Trick to make money through Fiverr and Skype

Alert: There is no need mention your contact details in your description because it can create some problems for you.

Why is it so effective?

This technique is so effective because our gig is present under the top tags and top categories on Fiverr and people like buying the secrets, instead of ready-made stuff.

How am I gonna submit my work?

You can simply submit a picture saying “Work completed” as shown in the picture below:

Secret Trick to make money through Fiverr and Skype


Yes, You need to speak proper English for that! proper English means-> You should be able to teach people and answer their questions ONE TO ONE on skype.

What else I can teach people on Fiverr and why are you emphasizing a lot on teaching stuff?

You can teach:

How to make logos?

How to find Longtail keywords?

How to solve math problems?

How to speak English?

How to use Reddit?

How to use Stumbleupon, etc

The reason why I am emphasizing on teaching that much is just because Fiverr performs a role of a middle man between student and a teacher. You can easily get your payments via Fiverr without having any kind of a problem! So, start teaching people, if you know something! I think, everybody knows at least something like cooking, drawing, designing and many other things.

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