These days, people are damn too crazy for Fiverr because its one of the best platforms to make money online without having any expertise. People can sell almost any of their skills with the right marketing funnel on it. I have also seen so many gigs on Fiverr that are just created for fun and believe it or not, they are getting plenty of orders. So, the main thing is your marketing strategy and your style to attract customers. You should have the ability to create attractive marketing funnels with professional styles and strategies. As far as this article is concerned, I will be telling you one of my Secret Trick to Make Money through Fiverr Gig Extras.

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Once, you are gonna complete 10 orders on your Profile, you will get the option for some extra offers.

If you’ve got an attractive service, you can easily sell it along with some extra offers, isn’t that amazing?

Now, let me explain you how I am using my secret trick and getting extra offers with default order. Do remember that it’s not that difficult because all you need here is some marketing activities along with a short URL Code.

On Fiverr, you can offer your service just for $5, which is by default, besides that, people normally choose your extra offers, if they are looking for something extra. This is why, today, I am going to tell you a short trick to increase your income from quick deliveries gig extra.

Firstly, I want to explain how does Fiverr actually work.

A client will purchase your services for $5, but when he or she will select extra options, he will have to pay more than $5 and the order button will be shown in the following manner.

Marketing Strategies to get sales

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After selecting EXTRA FAST, your order button will be shown like this:

Marketing Strategies to increase your sales

The problem with mostly people working on Fiverr is that buyers prefer buying stuff for $5 only and they don’t care about gig extras, therefore, NOW, we will advertise our gigs with OUR SPECIAL ORDER BUTTON

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If you want to get sales of more than $5, you will just have to follow the below mentioned method along with my marketing strategy.

I have personally been working on this trick for such a long time and now its your turn to have a blast!

Let me explain you in detail that how it actually works.

Step 1:

Go to the Page of your GIG and Add this URL Code at the end of your GIG URL.     &extra_fast=true

(check out, how it will work)

Before adding this URL code, your URL and GIG will be shown like this:

Fiver Sales trick

After inserting the URL Code at the end of your gig, it will be shown like this:

Marketing strategy to increase sales

Now, you can post it anywhere you want. (I mean many different social media platforms)

Alert: without this extra code, your gig will only be shown with $5 order button.

Check out this proof:

Marketing Stretegies for your Fiver Gigs

Step 2:

Now, I am going to tell you my secret marketing strategy to increase sales on Fiverr:

  • Create professional looking Linkedin profile
  • Add all your qualifications and skills
  • Join relevant groups in it
  • Add lots of people with similar skills
  • Ask people to write recommendations on your profile and endorse your skills

After performing all these above mentioned activities, you will just have to share your Fiverr link along with that extra code on your profile as well as many other groups with maximum members on Linkedin.

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Note: Try to mention everything about your Fiverr gig on your Linkedin profile

By doing this, you will soon start to get Fiverr orders through LinkedIn.

Let me Show you a screenshot of my LinkedIn sales.

Marketing for your Fiver Gigs

I am continuously getting so many sales through my LinkedIn profile. Trust me, it really works!

Some useful Tips: 

  • Try to make your gigs that are in demand.
  • Try to offer interesting extra offers.
  • Try to make professional Social Profiles.
  • Share your gig on various social networking groups.
  • If you are having professional and trust worthy relationship with your connections, your each and every activity will get a response.

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  1. Ghufran Arif

    No doubt article is really stunning and informative. But I like lead image the most! The BloggingHeat written on the front pocket…Looks awesome! And it really gives a feel that the person is sitting within some HEAT…As he’s too serious…(Kidding)

  2. Ronald Robinson

    I am assuming it is safe to say that this does not work anymore. Tried with a few of my own gigs and it just took my back to my profile page.

    Has this worked recently?


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