Firstly, lemme tell you something!

I have created this blog to help you people to earn huge amount of money by doing almost nothing. Yes, you are reading that correctly, nothing means nothing. The reason, why I always go for things that needs very little work and good money is that, I want to make my brain work, instead of doing physical and mechanistic work the entire day and night and earn a crap amount of money from it.

Hope this makes some sense!

Secret Trick to Launch a Breaking News and Get Massive Traffic

Now, coming towards my secret trick to launch a breaking news and get massive traffic, I work with this method by writing a single news post a day and it goes viral almost every where in the world.

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What kind of post you are talking about?

Well, I have followed Instagram, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Twitter and many other profiles of the most famous people around the world and when ever I get any updates from their profiles, I become a super man writer and as soon as I prepare my post and launch it almost everywhere I can.

What kind of famous people you are talking about?

Umm, You can join the following as per requirement:

Popular celebrities

Popular reporters

Popular Bloggers

Popular Actors and actresses

Popular Singers

Popular Models

and the list goes on and on…

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How shall I create a good looking Breaking News?

See, you need to write a news from a different perspective. Different perspective, I mean what?

Different perspective means,  write a unique news by adding your opinion in it.

Because your opinion with some extra information and emotions can bring an entirely new life to the news you are targeting.

What else do you want me to include in the News post?

Umm, let me think..

Well, you can make your very own memes pictures and videos related to the news and add it in the post to create more excitement.

After that?

After that, simply share your news post on as many social media platforms as you can to create a buzz and make it viral.

Note: Make use of hashtags to let other people know about your post.

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