Alexa has got its own reputation in the world of blogging. You might not believe, but these days, advertisers also look at Alexa ranking of a website to submit a paid guest post or an advertisement. The main reason of giving it a lot of importance is that PR takes so much time to get updated and there is no other tool to check the performance of the websites.

Why is your website not able to get good Alexa ranking?

Alexa mostly prefer websites on the topics such as, blogging, making money, SEO and technology.

Now, lemme tell you the reason behind it!

  • Whenever, any traffic passes through Alexa’s system, it starts giving good ranking to that particular website. This happens because their visitors have also installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers.
  • Remember: Mostly visitors of websites related to SEO, Technology, Making money online and blogging have got their Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers, which helps to boosts the Alexa ranking of the sites that they are visiting.
  • If your website is on topics such as fun, education, movies, etc, it can be very tough to increase your Alexa ranking quickly.

Secret Trick to Increase your Alexa Quickly

A million dollar question: How can you increase your Alexa rank Asap?

The secret behind how to increase your Alexa ranking quickly is that you need to get visitors that are webmasters and bloggers. I won’t repeat, why am I talking about these two only because I have already written about how important these visitors are for us! Hint: Alexa toolbar.

Please tell me few more tricks to increase my Alexa Ranking!

  • Claim Your website:

The very first thing you need to do is to claim your website on For that purpose, you will have to add an Alexa code in the root of the blog, so that it can track the performance of your website.

  • Facebook traffic:

You might have seen many Facebook groups on the topics of internet, Blogging, marketing, SEO, etc. Yes, you guessed that right! You need to share your website posts on it. You can try sharing something useful and interesting stuff on their groups to make them land on your website. You can also read 10 powerful strategies to increase Facebook page likes on BloggingHeat

  • Stumbleupon:

You need to stumble your website articles in the categories such as Computers, SEO, Technology and Web development to get visitors that are using Alexa Toolbar.  Do check a complete tutorial on How to Use stumbleupon to drive massive traffic on your blog.

  • Google+:

Normally, people don’t use Google+ that often, but as far as bloggers and webmasters are concerned, they know how important Google+ is for them to increase their search engine ranking. So, you can also reach them on it. Don’t forget to check our secret trick to get huge traffic from Google Plus

  • Reddit:

If you wanna get good Alexa ranking in countries like US, Canada, UK and Australia, Reddit is best for you. We have written a complete tutorial on How to use reddit to get mass traffic like a pro

  • Commluv blogs:

You can comment on commentluv blogs to increase your Alexa ranking because mostly visitors on these blogs are also having Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

Also check: Why should you comment on other blogs

  • Write an interesting review on

You need to write a decent looking review on because it makes you loyal in the eyes of Alexa. Trust me it really works as far as an increase in ranking is concerned!

  • Consistent:

To maintain good Alexa rankings, you need to post at least one article on your website on a daily basis.

  • Forums & Q/A websites

You can participate in discussions going on in the forums and Q/A websites related to SEO, marketing and web designing to boost your Alexa ranking. Check out our complete tutorial on how to build manual whitehat backlinks to get top SEO rank.

To install a widget of Alexa on your site, checkout this link:

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13 Responses

  1. Abhijith

    Hey Shezz, I think you should add one more point to this : Drive traffic from US.
    When my website was mentioned in some US websites, my US traffic shot up, and in one day my Alexa shot up from 1500k to 500k.

  2. amazing_links

    reddit traffic guide you gave doesn’t work you need to create over 50 accounts for this to work

  3. amazing_links

    Each time i upvote with those accounts it only brings down the percentage of upvotes! it takes like 3 upvotes to actually count as one the reddit one idea is good but the upvotes dont work

    • Shezz Amin

      You might be doing something wrong because its working perfectly fine with us! As far as the downvotes are concerned, they depend totally on your content.

  4. amazing_links

    No ok this is what happens when I log in to upovote it right it upovotes the percentage only changes the upvote doesn’t actually go up. What happens is after 5 accounts upvote that post after that 1 point actually gets rewareded. There isn’t anything im doing wrong i just think the way reddit scores upvotes .

  5. amazing_links

    Like lets say I have 1 upvote the percentage of upvotes is at 100 then when I upvote with another account a second time the upvote stays at 1 and the percentage drops to 66% get me?


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