Simply, keep your eye on whats the latest going on in sports, politics, current affairs and everything that is creating buzz in public.

Now, develop content focusing at (attracting reporters and journalists, who require details, insights or quotes from an (expert) for a story they will be creating.

Secret trick to Get to the Top of SERPs Quickly and get massive traffic

Reporters are gonna write regarding your breaking news & will quote you in 1st or 2nd paragraph. After reaching such a level, believe it or not, you will start getting huge amount of traffic from (media coverage) of that specific “breaking-news-event”.

Also check:

Whereas, you need to understand here that playing with breaking news can be unpredictable at times, but when you are gonna get grip on it, you will be able to get success on a regular basis.

Google treats Breaking News differently:

Google always prefer breaking news over placed results. However, the key factor, which attracts Google the most is how many formats you are publishing your news upon for example:

  • videos
  • images
  • social media
  • blog posts
  • Google+ posts
  • etc

In order to use breaking news to get massive traffic from Google, you will have to keep tailoring your content in accordance with the latest in the industry. Considering that, I will recommend you to use (Free-content-marketing-tool.

Free Content Marketing Tool:

This is a Free Content Strategy Generator Tool by Next Web (Hope you might not have heard about it before)

This amazing tool is going to give you:

  • An up to the minute (information) regarding any keyword you enter.
  • Enables you to follow/look at trending news
  • Helps you to respond quicker than ever before on the breaking news
  • Instant-cross-references
  • Will give you questions that people ask regarding your product/market.

From now on wards, you will not have to worry about what you should write! Trust me, it really works great!

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