We have already discussed few important things about how to create a viral Google Plus post and stuff, but In this article, I will tell you my secret trick to get huge traffic from Google Plus!

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Step 1:

Firstly, you need to create a new page.

Step 2:

You can name the page to anything that is liked by people of your targeted country, for example, Hollywood is extremely popular in America, Bollywood is also very much popular in India, etc. If you are not aware of recent trends, you can check it country wise on Google Trends.

After creating a page, set a profile picture with your cover and verify your email and website by using Google webmaster tools.

Secret trick to get huge traffic from Google Plus


Secret trick to get huge traffic from Google Plus

In search results, u will find many communities. You can join all the related ones to post your links in them , there are also few communities, where u have to ask to join and the owner will approve you. Normally, they approve everybody.

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To check which community is more popular and has got many followers in it, click here

Most preferably, you should try joining communities with highest number of members and posts.

Secret trick to get huge traffic from Google Plus

Step 3 :

After joining so many communities, the next thing you need to do is to post pics in it, during peak hours of USA. Also don’t forget to include 2 or 3 lines of description with those pics.

IMPORTANT THING:  Along with those pictures, you will have to ask people to follow your page and +1 your posts in its description. You can find communities by following the step no: 2.


You will have to wait till tomorrow to see your notifications completely full. People will start sharing your content, follow you and will visit your website.

NOTE: Remember to post everyday, during peak hours of USA and also look for community rules to avoid getting banned!

Trick by: theyscream.miriaj

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  1. Muhammad Imran

    some confusion..should i need to create a page with name that is hot/trendy? or to create with my topic?and if create the page with hot topic then a picture that i post on my page will be from that Hot Topic or related to my Niche?

    • Shezz Amin

      Do try it! It will not only give you traffic, but will also boost your search engine ranking.

      Note: Google prefers its own social network..

  2. riawanraider

    i like your post that more amazing and i prefer the all users you use good and light weight theme for huge traffic for responsive themes visit this blog free wordpress themes.


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