Today, I’m going to tell you some of my secret method’s to generate Free Facebook Coupons! 

Here we go:

How To Get $100 Free Facebook coupons?

You will just require:

a valid (email address) along with a (phone number)

Now, follow the steps mentioned below:

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1. Login to a new Facebook A/c.
2. Visit
3. Fill out the form
4. Now, create Facebook pages by using basic information like pics and address. Just when your page will reach 1000 likes, you will receive a coupon in your mail box.
(Keep repeating the entire process again anad again to get more coupons)
5. You just need to apply those coupons. For more information, you can visit: facebook.

Thats all!

6. Do make sure that you have read all the terms and conditions properly.

7. Also check:

Just in case, if this method doesn’t work in your country, you can also try other methods mentioned in this post.

This is what I’ve got:

Secret Trick to generate Free Facebook Coupons

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Note: You need to be an active (advertiser) for as much as 30 days to avail the coupon.

Facebook also offer coupons in (partnership) with many other companies like:

1. When you are gonna purchase hosting from Hostpapa, You will get a URL, from where a coupon can be requested.

2. Companies like Shopify, Wix & 3Dcart also offer coupons for $50.

Checkout my experience:

Secret Trick to generate Free Facebook Coupons


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    Hi thanks for this secret trick! 🙂 how many coupons i can use on facebook ads?


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