Buy and sell domains:

You are going to find some really cool ways in this Case Study, that has given me a lot of success by simply spending 10-15 mins daily with the help of free available Domain Tools online.

Why is it very important to find a decent looking domain?

A domain name having a good keyword in it and ending with .com really catches the eyes of visitors and helps to gain their trust. If we talk about SEO, a keyword rich domain also helps you a lot in it, for instance, you can rank your post without a lot of problem.

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How does a search engine react to these keyword domain names?

Almost all the search engines online acknowledge “keyword rich” domains superior. Which means, picking a perfect domain name can help you to rank quickly. Also note that, you should not include more than 1 dash (if needed) in your domain because it will make your website look spam and its also not good from Search engine’s perspective.

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You should always pick the best extensions for your domain because its a very important thing to do. I would personally recommend you to look for .com domains first and then the rest in accordance with the following rankings:

  1. .com
  2. .Net
  3. .Org
  4. .Us
  5. .Me
  6. .Biz
  7. .Info
  8. .Mobi

What does a premium domain actually means?

Well, the word “premium” is mostly used by webmasters and its a technical jargon, which means “Best”, “Top” and “Good.” However, the biggest problem here is that one can not get these premium domains easily because most of them are already taken by some one or the other.

If that is the case, how can I buy a Premium domain for me?

Don’t worry because I’m gonna teach you all that in this post!

First of all, try to assume that there isn’t any availability of an evergreen domain anymore. In almost 99% of cases, all the .com domain names have been purchased and even the smallest of niches are not left any more, therefore, our main goal should be to be able to follow “trends.”

ALERT: I’m not talking here about the daily trends because there is no use of it. You need to do something for a long period of time instead of going for something that will vanish after 10 to 15 days.

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Using online tools that are completely free to find out profitable trends and niches:

You can make use of sources that are available to find out niches that will be profitable in future. All such niches have got low or sometimes no competition at all and their premium domain names are also available at that time. Your main goal should be to look for those niches as soon as they arrive in the market. You can easily achieve this goal with the help of News websites.

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Check out some of the most popular news sites in the world:

  1. Yahoo! News
  2. CNN
  3. MSNBC
  4. New York Times
  5. Digg
  6. Google News

The one that I personally use is Google News because it provides up to date news from all the top websites of the world on one page.

After getting a premium domain, you can also start your event blog and earn a lot from it. check out a complete guide on to event based niche blogging

Keywords list that you should be using to get the maximum out of it:

The Magic Point: You can use any of the following keywords at the time of searching a domain idea:

  • announced
  • announcement
  • announced today
  • confirmed
  • coming soon
  • next month
  • by the end of the year
  • coming
  • released
  • release date
  • announce

Get Premium Domains And Start Making $1000’s By Taking Only 5 Minutes A Day

This above shown news was published 22 minutes a go and there wouldn’t be many people working on this HOT niche at that particular time frame.

This is what we’ve got here from this example:

Niche= Technology

Monetization Method= Selling Amazon products, Google Adsense also gives very high CPC n Tech related niches

Keyword= HP Omni

Hope it does make some sense and some new ideas in your mind! So lets start Register Domain for 1.49$.

List Down every search you make:

After finding out all these niches, now its time to make a list of all those and look for the most interesting and profitable  out of it. But remember, you need to do a bit of hurry, otherwise, you are gonna miss the opportunity to grab a premium domain for you.

Start working on it straight away and buy your premium domain asap!

You can buy in this case

After getting a premium domain, now, you can make use of it for your website because it can give you a lot of profit!

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Are there any other domains as well that I should get?

Check out this example: You can search “announced product” in Google.

This is what I found:  “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3”

Get Premium Domains And Start Making $1000’s By Taking Only 5 Minutes A Day

Niche= Gaming

Monetization= Selling Amazon products or selling Clickbank’s guides of the game

Major keyword= Modern warfare 3

Primary domain name=

Most probably, you won’t find available in this case, but don’t worry because you can still make use of this keyword by searching similar searches on Google Keyword Tool for its previous version of game, which was, modernwarfare2.

Get Premium Domains And Start Making $1000’s By Taking Only 5 Minutes A Day

These are the domain names that we’ve finally got:


During that particular month, there is gonna be lots of searches on the keywords like reviewpricerelease datepreviewrelease date.

You will be required to have minimum four articles on those (keywords) in the title, for instance, Modern Warfare release date, Moder Warfare 3 price and so on and so on.

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How can you maintain your number 1 spot?

If you are having a very tough competition out there, you can try dong following things:

  1. Updating fresh news or articles will help you to maintain good rankings
  2. Backlinking on properly selected anchor texts
  3. Commenting on various related blogs
  4. Forum-signature-links
  5. Creating support-pages with the help of or & other web (2.0 websites) like squidoo & hubpages
  6. Create link between your websites to build a network

Selling website or a domain.

Once, your domain reaches the maximum level and then starts falling on, its the right time for you to sell it on the below mentioned websites:


If you want to sell your domains, you can use these websites:

If you want to sell your website, you can use these websites:

  • Forum sections of and

Final Point but not least:

What if you’ve got a good domain name, but still not getting good price for it?

You can still park your Domain Name and earn good CPC revenue until its not sold.

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