I always wanted to find out a way to extract Facebook emails and guess what! I found it by doing a bit of googling today! Here is the step by step method mentioned below to extract Facebook emails.

Note: Do note that these emails are not @facebook.com emails. 

Steps to extract Facebook emails:

1. Create a New Yahoo Mail account by using Mozilla browser

2. Open address.yahoo.com 

3. Click Facebook as shown in the picture below:

How to Extract Facebook Emails


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4. Now, press the import button

How to Extract Facebook Emails

5. Just when you will press import button, a new window will open asking you to give access to Yahoo app on Facebook. Simply, allow it.

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Alert: I am not showing you a screen shot of this process because I’ve already extracted my email list by following this process.

6. Once, you are gonna allow that Yahoo app, a complete email list will be provided to you as shown in the below screenshot:

How to Extract Facebook Emails


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7. Now, click on Actions as shown in the screen shot below and then press print all button.

How to Extract Facebook Emails

8. In last step, you need to press print button and all your emails will be provided to you in a pdf format!

How to Extract Facebook Emails

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You can do many things with this technique. For example, creating a fake profile with relevant interests and adding only those people that you think are relevant.

Whats next?

Follow this technique to extract Facebook emails and start using it for email marketing! isn’t that so simple? Just play with this technique to earn huge amount of money! I am damn serious, this is the simplest method to build an email list for no cost at all!

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